Advertisement is a rapidly growing community. Founded in August 2018 we managed to quickly become on of the biggest fansites for the free-to-play online shooter Warframe – a game with more than 50 million accounts on four different platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch).

Why would you want to buy ad space or discuss sponsorship opportunities with us? Well, we are currently having ~100.000 page views per month while growing rapidly. So we not only offer a big community from all around the world (we have readers in 199 countries), but also a great opportunity to target gamer everywhere. We gladly send you our current statistics and discuss everything you need and want to know.

Advertisement Spots

We offer five different ad spots that are displayed throughout the whole website (with the exception of in-article ads that are not shown on the frontpage).

1. Header (728 x 90)

A normal banner with 728 x 90 pixel. The banner is the first thing people usually see when they enter the website and is especially popular on mobile devices – which is ~40% of all visitors.

2. In-Article (728 x 90)

The banner will be shown after the second paragraph in every article published, which usually is right after the introduction. That way everyone reading the article will see the banner.

3. Sidebar 1 (300 x 250)

Another great advertising spot with a good visibility. Being the first spot on the right sidebar it does work as an eye-catcher.

4. Sidebar 2 (300 x 250)

A little bit more hidden, but visible once the readers start scrolling, the second sidebar ad-spot does a lot of work.

5. Sidebar 3 (240 x 400)

Basically the same as the ‘Sidebar 2’ banner, but with a little bit more space for bigger banners.

Important notice:

All banners are unique spots at the moment, so there is always just one spot per ad-banner. All payments are due beforehand and a bill can be send either as a PDF or per mail. The VAT depends on different aspects and the trade agreements between Germany and the country your company is registered in. All banners are marked ‘no-follow’.

We do give a price-guarantee for three month (even if the reader numbers go up), unless you book a spot for more than three month in advance (then all prices are fix for the time booked).

More opportunities

We also offer more opportunities and options to advertise your products on our website. There are nearly endless possibilities, so it is often best to either share your own ideas or talk to us to find something that works for everyone. Here are some common concepts:

  • Give-aways of your product
  • Sponsored give-aways with Warframe-related content
  • Sponsored contests for Warframe-related content
  • Product tests (in relation to gaming content)
  • News about your upcoming products (gaming-related content preferred)

Don’t hesitate to contact us ( with your own visions and ideas and we will see if and how we can implement them!