Arca Plasmor Builds Guide

The Arca Plasmor is classified as a shotgun, but to be fair the primary weapon does feel like it’s own kind.

Shooting out pulses of plasma instead of the normal shotgun pallets does bring some great advantages over other shotguns: Getting status procs is way more easy and you don’t need to build it for 100% status chance.

Instead, you can simply rely on the core strength of the Arca Plasmor and use the high base damage and good critical chance in combination with radiation damage and a good accuracy.

The critical multiplier isn’t all that great, but the high base damage does help out here. The magazine of ten shots is also very nice and will help you to blast away large groups of enemies without having to run around mid fight, waiting to finish the reload.

Acquiring the Arca Plasmor is also pretty easy, because the blueprint is researched and sold in the Energy Lab in your dojo.


  • High base damage
  • Very high status chance
  • High critical chance
  • Pleasant magazine size
  • Good area-of-effect damage
  • Already two polarities


  • Slowish travel time of projectiles
  • Low critical multiplier
  • Slow reload speed
  • Very low fire rate

The Best Arca Plasmor Builds

As usual you should try to build around the strength of a weapon to maximize the damage output and to simply feel useful during missions.

Of course there are some theoretical ideas you might want to consider – using Fatal Acceleration will increase the weapon range by 40% and also deals with the damage falloff.

And while Vicious Spread will reduce the accuracy of your shots by a lot, putting in as much multishot as you can will counter these effects.

And if you get very lucky (or find a seller), you can get yourself a Riven mod for the Arca Plasmor and increase your damage output by a lot.

Don’t be afraid to invest some Platinum if you really like the Arca Plasmor, since a good Riven mod is super strong.

Tip: If you want to know more about Arca Plasmor and its abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

The Radiation Build

Since the Arca Plasmor already has innate radiation damage, increasing this by picking up some heat and electricity mods seems like the right idea.

If you don’t have a Primed Charged Shell you can just use the normal version. Scattering Inferno, Blaze and Shell Shock are boosting Radiation damage and status chance, while Blunderbuss raises the already very good critical chance even further.

The latter can even be changed for Incendiary Coat if you rather have even more Radiation damage.

If you don’t like the pure radiation damage (because it isn’t all that effective against some enemies), feel free to simply switch out Blunderbuss and Blaze or Scattering Inferno for Contagious Spread and Toxic Barrage.

That way you split your proc damage between radiation and toxin, which will allow you to at least deal some amount of damage to enemies with radiation immunity.

The Critical Damage Build

This build looks somewhat similar to the radiation version, but uses Blunderbuss, Vigilante Armaments and Vigilante Fervor in combination with Primed Ravage to increase your critical damage as much as possible.

Blaze and Primed Charged Shell (or its normal version) are used to increase your radiation damage by a lot, but can be switched out for something like Critical Deceleration, Hunter Munitions or other status mods.

To be fair, Vigilante Fervor is the weakest mod in this build and is mainly used because of it’s second ability. The extra fire rate is nice, but not necessary at all. Maybe you rather have Vigilante Offense instead.


The innate radiation damage, the area-of-effect and the fact that the Arca Plasmor isn’t just your normal shotgun makes the weapon super strong.

Yes, if you plan to fight in high level missions, bringing the Tigris Prime or the Vaykor Hek is still the better choice, but unless the enemies reach level 85+ you will quickly dissolve them in plasma.

Especially the ten pulse shots in the magazine are very comfortable and counter the long reload time pretty well.

So if you don’t already have an Arca Plasmor, go ahead and craft yourself one of those. It will be worth it!

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