Argon Crystal Farming Guide

There is one resource on Warframe you can’t hoard, and that is Argon Crystal. This resource will vanish from your inventory after 24 hours.

You usually get it as a drop from the Orokin Void tileset as well as several assassination attempts.

The in-game description refers to Argon Crystal as a void-based radioactive resource which decays after being removed from the Void.

Since they’re hard to come by and only last a day, you should only farm them when you need them.

As well as disappearing after 24 hours, Argon Crystal is tricky to get. You might go farming for twenty minutes and not find any at all.

Other times you might find 5 or 10 in just a few minutes.

Best Warframes for Argon Crystal Farming

A great squad for farming Argon Crystals would be:

The squad combo is best when running Defense and Survival missions.

List of Blueprints That Require Argon Crystals

Argon Crystals are necessary for various Warframes and Weapons. They are also needed to make Greater Lenses.

These are a few of the blueprints you need this resource for, although there are likely others:

  • Dragon Nikana
  • Valkyr Prime Chassis
  • Vauban Prime Chassis
  • Trinity Prime Chassis
  • Zhuge
  • Oberon Prime Systems
  • Hydroid Prime Chassis
  • Arca Titron
  • Limbo Prime Chassis
  • Nekros Prime Chassis
  • Pandero

Best Ways to Farm Argon Crystals

There are different ways to farm this resource. Because a lot depends on RNG (random number generation) some of the following methods might work better/not so well when you try them.

It’s a good idea to create a squad which includes at least a Desecration Nekros and Pilfering Hydroid.

Smeeta Kavat is also good for boosting the resource drop rate, and you can also enable a resource booster.

The Void is the best place to farm Argon Crystals. It used to be the only place to get them. However there are more possibilities now like doing Isolation Vaults in Deimos.

Method #1: Complete a Capture or Void Exterminate Mission

Choose and complete your mission, then look around and break up any Argon Deposits you find. This will give you multiple Argon Crystals.

This is the quickest way to farm Argon Crystals without needing a whole squad.

A Warframe like Ember or Nova, or another AOE damager, is useful to break containers which are behind closed doors.

You should then be able to gather the resource automatically if you’re running carrier with vacuum.

Method #2: Complete a Defense or Void Survival Mission

You can get between 30 and 50 Argon Crystals an hour by efficiently running a farming squat. Desecrate Nekros, a pilfering hydroid, makes a worthy squad member, as does Smeeta Kavat.

Only gather when Charm is triggered so you can get guaranteed double loot. In a survival mission, look for a room with one opening.

Continue to kill and farm enemies, and have a tanky guy look around and enable life support modules.

Method #3: Head to the Weekly Ayatan Sculpture Mission

This Maroo-granted mission is a nice way to far the crystals, as long as the tileset is Void. If you don’t begin the mission, there isn’t a time limit.

All you need to do is run around with an Atterax and Desecrate Nekros to fight your enemies.

You can double the drop chance of loot by using Nekros and a Slash damage weapon.

Best Void Missions For Farming Argon Crystals

Let’s take a look at best void missions for Argon Crystal Farming

Mission #1: Ani – Void (ACF-5)

You can get Argon Crystals from this mission as well as other resources you might need in the future.

This is the lowest survival mission you can do in the Void, so it’s not too hard to handle enemies and stay there for a longer time to kill them so you can get Argon Crystals.

This is one of the best Argon Crystal farming locations since you have the chance to look containers as well as get drops from killing enemies.

Destroy any Argon Pegmatites you see while exploring the map and they will drop Argon Crystals.

Remember this map is in the Void so enemies might seem very strong to new players.

You might prefer to do this mission in a squad, although that means more enemies will be spawned.

MISSION #2: Ukko – Void

Do you prefer a faster run? If so, consider the Ukko capture mission in the Void. You might be able to complete it in a couple of minutes.

Just complete the objective and then roam the area destroying loot containers and killing enemies.

If you use Warframes able to clear an area fast and move around the map quickly to sweep the area, it’s a pretty easy way to farm Argon Crystals.

You might also find farming relics there which can be used to farm prime equipment.

MISSION #3: Oxomoco – Void (ACFU-2)

If you prefer killing over looting, this exterminate mission in the Void might be a good choice.

You get a simple run against various enemies you need to kill to hopefully get an Argon Crystal drop from them.

You should also look around to search for loot containers where you might also find the resource.

Argon Crystal Farming Tips & Tricks

  • Although the Void is the best place to find this resource, you can still get them in Deimos if you do Isolation Vault Bounties and get loot by unlocking the vaults.
  • The drop rate for Argon Crystals is low compared to other resources but you might still be lucky sometimes, especially with Hydroid or Nekros in your squad for extra loot.
  • Check how long until your Argon Crystals expire by looking at them in the inventory.
  • Since Argon Crystals vanish after 24 hours, you should farm them last so they have less chance of going to waste.
  • You can buy an Argon Crystal Decoration for 5 Platinum or an Argon Pegmatite Decoration for 20, but these are only for display and not to be used as resources.


Remember nothing is guaranteed because Warframe is RNG-based.

This means you might find a good amount of Argon Crystals with a basic Void exterminate mission, or you might survive more than an hour in a mission and find none at all.

If you aren’t lucky with the RNG, you might want to try playing later or change your daily objective.

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