Ash Fashionframe – The Shredder (TMNT)

Known as ‘The Shredder’ and with different origin stories, this character is the archenemy of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is one of the best fighters in his universe and a trained ninja, so using Ash as a basis for this cosplay makes a lot of sense.

He is also fairly bulky and wears a big armor, which is why we don’t use the Ash Bai Hu Skin here – even though it has the superior helmet for the perfect Shredder look. But we rather pick something more bulky and big to underline the strong mind and body that The Shredder represents. Feel free to change it as you like.

How to create this Fashionframe

Let’s start with our pick for the helmet, because it is probably the most controversial one: We are going with the Ash Locust Helmet, but there are plenty of different and also very good options. The Ash Scorpion Helmet gives a more futuristic look (and depending on which TNMT universe you prefer, that might be what you’re after), while the Ash Koga Helmet makes him look more ninja-like. Again, you could use the Ash Bai Hu Skin and also get a great look or even pick up the Ash Prime Helmet and use that.

We really like the Ash Koga Skin, which has a great combination with the Ash Noble Animation Set. Shredder is a purist when it comes to his chest, so we’re not using any attachments here. We do however pick up the Vetala Shoulder Plates and the Riv Elite-Guard Legs to complete the outfit. You also should try and use the Smoking Body Ephemera, which fits in really well. We simply copy the colors for the attachment from the colors used on the skin.

We’re also using the ‘Abrasys Day of the Dead’ Syandana, but you could just pick the normal Abrasys Syandana instead. Color-wise we’re going full DARKISH BLUE (Classic palette, sixth row, second color) for our Syandana to complement the grayish look of our skin and attachments. Here is what we use for those:

Primary GRAY (Orokin palette, second row, second color)
Secondary BLACK (Classic palette, last row, first color)
Tertiary BLACK (Classic palette, last row, first color)
Accents LITE GRAY (Classic palette, second last row, third color)
Emissive DARK GRAY (Classic palette, second last row, first color)
Energy DARK GRAY (Classic palette, second last row, first color)

We’ve also picked up a Nikana Prime with the Nikana Ryu Skin and used the same colors on it. It really completes the whole Shredder look!

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