Atlas Prime Builds Guide

Atlas is part of the Warframe family since his release in 2015 and while he is a very unique Tenno-suite, he sadly never gained a lot of popularity.

He has some a good passive skills and is immune to all knockdown effects as long as he is standing on the ground.

There are a lot of reasons why Atlas isn’t used that often, but a lot of player never bother to get him because of his unusual acquisition: In order to farm his parts you need to finish The Jordas Precept Quest and start killing Jordas Golem during the Archwing Assassination mission.

Since Archwing is already hated by a lot of people, most players really hate farming for Atlas.

Buying him for Platinum is often a good alternative and will save time and frustrations. But if you ever get him, just give him a try, be surprised and maybe use one of the following builds.



  • Really unique skillset
  • High base armor
  • Good crowd control
  • 3 polarized slots
  • Passive self-heal ability
  • Perfect Warframe for melee combat



  • Slow movement speed
  • Hard to farm (Archwing Assassination)
  • Somewhat useless ultimate ability

Best Atlas Prime Builds

Recommending a sole aura isn’t useful, since the best aura really depends on the build you choose. If you want to go for min-maxing and really get the best possible mod-build for each possibility, you probably need to get more than one Atlas-Warframe.

The melee build heavily profits from using Steel Charge, while other builds rather want to use Rejuvenation or Corrosive Projection.

If you don’t want to get multiple Atlas-Warframes, using Steel Charge (and a Madurai polarity) is recommended.

Vitality is also very important part of every build since your self-heal ability Rubble benefits from a high health pool.

The Main Atlas Build

Landslide doesn’t really seem that impressive at the first glance, but once you tried it out it will surely surprise you. Bashing enemies with your fists is really fun and you can heavily improve this ability by using a strong melee weapon, because equipping mods like Pressure Point, Organ Shatter or Vicious Frost directly affect the damage of this skill.

It doesn’t matter what melee weapon you use, as long as it has all the mods you want it to have. Steel Charge is the perfect aura and will also affect your damage output with Landslide.

As an additional survival mod I really like Steel Fiber, because Atlas already has a high base armor (third highest armor in the game after Valkyr and its primed version) and going for melee combat really requires you to have some survivability.

Rage will also keep your energy and health up, while Path of Statues really shines if you move quickly around between different mob groups.

This 2-Forma-Build is super easy to use, deals a lot of damage and is viable for every mission type (even tho you don’t really need it for spy or rescue missions).

If you encounter problems with your energy pool, you can skip Path of Statues and use Primed Flow or even take a look at Equilibrium, which combos very well with a bigger health pool and melee combat.

Just try it out and get a feeling for the best build for the different mission types.

Rumbler Atlas Prime Build

Well, finding a good build for your ultimate ability is really a hassle. They do scale with mods like Vitality, Steel Fiber or Primed Vigor. If you stack a lot of ability strength you also get a decent amount of damage output with your summoned rocks.

Give them some duration and all you need to do is press 4 and watch them go, right? Well…no. They are really slow, they have a bad A.I. and they somehow never do what you want them to do. This build tries to go around that problem by using the augmented mod Titanic Rumbler.

Instead of two fighting rocks you only get one, but with increased stats and an taunt ability. So the idea is to pop it during an excavation, a defense mission, on a survival run or a similar map. Then your rumbler uses his taunt while you and your team kill your foes as usual.

This way you’ll get a tanky fifth teammate that will add some (or a lot?) survivability. This build might be more on the casual side, but will still be useful in some situations.

Petrifying Atlas Build

A hardened gaze, some dim-witted enemies and a good amount of ass-kicking – what more do you really need?

This build is very simple: You stack a lot of duration and range and press 3 on your keyboard. That’s more than enough to freeze your enemies more than a minute (with maxed duration), which is super effective if you don’t really want or need to kill them.

Doing a solo interception sortie? Going on an assassination run and want to freeze all the mobs that prevent you from killing the boss? Or do you just want to help your team to survive in high level missions?

Either way, this build can be very strong. It is also really great on a farming mission, because a petrified enemy will split into two corpses after you killed it.

Therefor NekrosDesecrate ability will be applied an additional time, giving you more drops. You can also drop your rumblers and heal them up with Petrify.


Atlas can be really good and strong. If you are looking for a melee Warframe with useful abilities, just take him and have fun.

Especially the main build is very good in almost every situation and can deal a lot of damage, even against high level foes.

Feel free to adapt this build to your needs and just have fun playing this insider tip!

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  1. Didn’t find it too in depth and there wasn’t much variation such as augments to improve or using umbral mods for later game players but other than that was well written and explained

  2. Hi,

    might be wrong but this first build is a no forma build on atlas prime. Swap the fleeting expertise with streamline and you have exactly enough. I do on my copy of this build anyways.


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