Atlas Fashionframe – Molten Core

With this idea we do want to show you that you don’t always need to have a lot of attachments, different color palettes, or crazy ideas to create an easy, but still good-looking Fashionframe. Our basis today will be the ‘one punch man’ Atlas and a few simple tricks to achieve the look we are trying to complete.

The idea itself is pretty easy to explain: Use a great skin in combination with contrast and a highlight. Even though you kinda need the right lightning for the best possible look, acquiring the ‘Molten Core’ outfit is fairly easy.

How to Create This Fashionframe

The key ingredient for this outfit is the Atlas Karst Skin and the Atlas Karst Helmet. Even though the default coloring on this skin is already great (and worth using!), you can still improve on it with a simple trick. We are not using any attachments for this Fashionframe, but we really recommend using the Ash Noble Animation Set for a bulky look.

Color-wise we simply use DARK BLACK (Smoke Colors palette, last row, first color) for everything, which gives the skin a dark, black-and-grayish vibe. The ‘Molten Core’ is simply the Rift Sigil equipped on the front and using the BRIGHT RED (Fire palette, ninth row, first color) color for it. Make sure to experiment a bit with the ‘Y OFFSET’ on it and make width and height as high as possible. That way the ingame look will be what you see on the pictures below.

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