Axi Relic Farm (Where to Get Axi Relics)

Every time new primed Warframes and weapons get released the hunt for the right relics starts again – and can quickly become frustrating and annoying, especially if you don’t get the reward you want from the new relics.

You oftentimes have to farm multiple relics to get all the parts needed. While lower tier relics are usually easier to farm, getting your hands on (multiple) Axi relics can be very grindy.

But if you know where to look and what equipment to bring you will be able to not only farm efficiently for the newest Axi relic additions, but also get Neo relics as well as some resources, Endo and more.

Where to Farm Axi Relics (Best Places)

This guide will not only name the best locations to farm for Axi relics, but also explain in detail what equipment to bring and how to get the most amount of relics in a short time.

Here are the best Axi relic farm missions:

  • Hieracon on Pluto (Excavation)
  • Xini on Eros (Interception)
  • Cetus Bounty (Earth) and Fortuna Bounty (Venus)
  • Mithra, Void (Interception)

More information on how and why we rank these missions can be found in detail below.

So keep on reading and feel free to leave us a comment if you think we missed some important information or if you want to add something yourself!

#1 Hieracon, Pluto (Excavation)

Putting Hieracon as the best place to farm Axi relics might seem a little bit controversial, simply because there is a (very low) chance that you won’t get any Axi relics from your run.

On the other hand you also have the chance to get way more Axi relics in the same amount of time than with any other mission.

While you only get a 77,42% chance for the relic drop on C-rotation (so every fourth excavator), you are able to finish one excavator about every 70 seconds with a random team and even faster with a premade team that is using at least two Khora Warframes with a good Pilfering Dome build or simply two Limbo players.

That means you should be able to reach C-rotation four times within 18 minutes – which is usually the time you need to finish four rounds of Interception.

Hieracon also has the great advantage that you can easily just add a few more C-rotations before you extract – going for 20 or 24 excavators is way easier than going for eight rounds of Interception.

Here are the best Warframes to bring:

  • Khora: Make sure to bring a long duration build and keep your Strangledome up. You can always cast it before the current timer ends and you can also have multiple Strangledomes up. So pop your Strangledome, make sure the duration is long enough to keep the excavator save until the end and then rush to the next excavator, to activate and protect it.
  • Limbo: Cataclysm and Stasis will make even long runs on Hieracon a joke. Keep your abilities up, kill everything and you are good to go. Limbo is also a very strong choice if you plan to go into the mission solo.
  • Frost: Since almost all Infested units are melee units, bringing a big Snow Globe with the Chilling Globe augment will be very strong. An eight second freeze should give you enough time to kill everything inside your globe.

Bring your best weapon, especially if you want to stay longer.

The Ignis Wraith is great, but as long as your weapon has some area-of-effect damage or can kill enemies even on level 80+ you should be fine.

Multiple Khora Warframes are a great way to play on Hieracon, Pluto.

#2 Xini, Eros (Interception)

Xini is really the best map of all Tier 3 Interception maps in the game.

While it does have the same chances for Axi relic drops (100% on rotation B and C), Cerberus on Pluto and Berehynia on Sedna have the disadvantage of ranged enemies, whereas Xini spawns Infested units.

So it is way easier to survive there, simply because running and jumping will give you enough survivability most of the times.

Getting to the C-rotation (four rounds) should take around 18 minutes with a guarantee to get two Axi relics.

Each Axi relic has a chance of 14,29% to drop, so you probably need to get lucky or do a couple of runs to get the exact Axi relic you need.

Here are the best Warframe choices for the mission:

  • Nova: Bringing a Slow Nova to the mission makes everything super easy. Try to find the middle of the map, pop your ‘Molecular Prime’ ability and then use your weapon to shoot the enemies that are slowly walking around.
  • AoE-DPS: Bringing your best area-of-effect Warframe with your group is also a great way to have zero problems with reaching at least the first C-rotation. Equinox, Saryn or Ember come to mind, with Ember being the weakest one of the three mentioned.
  • Trinity: If you find a premade team, bringing Trinity is always a great choice. An Energy Vampire build is very strong, especially against the energy absorption of Exilus Infested units. That way your main DPS or the Slow Nova will always have enough energy for their abilities.

The right weapon is the weapon you like.

Shotguns, Ignis Wraith, Rifles or Grenade Launcher – everything feels great against the Infested, especially if they are slowed by a Nova.

Xini on Eros is a great way to farm Axi Relics.

#3 Cetus Bounty (Earth) and Fortuna Bounty (Venus)

Doing the Tier 5 bounty on either Earth or Venus will give you a pretty high chance to get one or even multiple Axi relics – but you can only get the newest Axi relics here.

So check which primed Warframe was released last (and what weapons he was released with) and then go to the open world cities and accept the Tier 5 bounty.

There are three rotations, so if they don’t have the Axi relic you need now, come back for the next rotation and check again.

The chance for an Axi relic drop is 33,04% on stage two and three of your bounty, 25,68% on stage four and 38,78% on stage five – so if you are super lucky you can get four Axi relics with just one Tier 5 bounty run.

You might also be unlucky and get zero. Bring whatever Warframe you like best, with Mesa being the best choice for open world bounties. Ember, Saryn, Volt or Equinox are also good choices – or bring a support or utility Warframe.

In the end you can play whatever you want and still be successful with the bounty mission.

#4 Mithra, Void (Interception)

While the Tier 3 Interception missions mentioned above have a way better drop rate for Axi relics, Mithra should be mentioned simply for the ‘cheese’ potential.

The Axi relic only drops (guaranteed) on C-rotation, but if you bring an Ivara, you can solo the whole mission super easy: Build the Warframe for invisibility, pop your ‘Prowl’ ability and head towards the D-tower.

Shoot a Noise Arrow (first ability) and aim towards the point where you spawned.

While getting the D-tower, your enemies will start running towards the Noise Arrow (you might need to shoot it again for new spawned enemies) and stay there while ignoring you or the other towers completely.

Once all enemies are spawned (if you play solo there will only be spawning around ten to twelve) you get all the other towers.

Make sure to stay invisible until the enemies can’t see you anymore. If you do have to kill an enemies (because they didn’t spawn around the D-tower), stay invisible and use a silent weapon like your bow!

That way all the other enemies will stay within reach of the Noise Arrow. Once the round is ending, kill all enemies (again, stay invisible for easy kills) and make sure to stick around the D-tower for the start of the next round. Repeat this strategy as long as you want.

You might have a few failures during your first tries, but once you get a good feeling for the Noise Arrow, the A.I. behavior and when you can break your invisibility, you should be able to solo this mission forever.

Use your Noise Arrow to lure enemies away from towers.


The best choices by far are either Hieracon (Pluto) if you do have a great Khora build to keep the excavators alive while rushing fast enough through the map.

Otherwise Xini (Eros) is a great way to get guaranteed Axi relics within a reasonable amount of time.

There are also more options, but they are usually weaker or more specific choices for farming Axi relics.

So make sure to try them for yourself and see if you find a better way to farm Axi relics.

If you do so, please share your ideas and information with the world and leave a comment!

7 thoughts on “Axi Relic Farm (Where to Get Axi Relics)”

  1. So I’ve been trying the i ara strategy on mithra and I think there may have been a patch for the ai as i have not been able to get it to work

  2. Not sure if this data is obsolete but considering its top google search return for Axi relic it should be updated. Apollo Lua is hands down the Axi farm, you get 100% guaranteed Axi relic every 1-3 minutes can be even faster than 1 minute if you have damage and mobility and hold keys for next rounds. This should be number 1 on list and honestly it should be a list of one. Some of the other stuff recommended would be incredibly dumb compared to Lua Disruption. Rotation is specific to filter out neo relics as well as lenses and medallions you need to cap all 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 or 2 for rounds 1234 respectively then continue with capping 1 or max 2 and youll only get Axi relic every 4th color.

    • Apollo Lua

      Assuming you only want Axi Relics::
      Round 1: At least 4 completed
      Round 2: At least 3 completed
      Round 3: 2-3 completed
      Round 4+: 1-2 completed

      The following reduces the chance of Axi Relics but gives a chance
      for a Lua lens and Universal Medallions (For rounds 3 & 4)::
      Round 1: At least 4 completed
      Round 2: At least 3 completed
      Round 3: At least 2 completed
      Round 4+: At least 1 completed

  3. Axi = Apollo on LUA

    B and C rotations are all Axi (And the awful lua lens is tossed in on C)

    It is a disruption so you can get C rotations every single round and guaranteed B or C after every defense after 4 rounds.

    This mission obliterates any Axi farm in the game hands down.


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