Baro Ki’Teer 19 October 2018

Are you looking for great mods, interesting weapons, cool cosmetics and other useful ingame items?

Then you are in luck, because Baro Ki’Teer is back! For the next 48 hours you can find him on the Orcus Relay on Pluto (PC), on the Strata Relay, Earth (PS4) or at the Leonov Relay, Europa (XB1).

Join the relay in question, trade your unwanted prime items and blueprints for Ducates and exchange them with Baro for all the items you need and want.

Also keep in mind that you do need some amount of Credits in order to buy from the Void Trader. If you’re out of Credits at the moment, feel free to use The Index Guide to quickly gather some money!

If you’re also having trouble deciding what items to buy, just read further and learn about the different items in stock.


  • Jolt: A very nice addition for a lot of different pistol builds. Get Jolt if you can!
  • Voltaic Strike: If you are looking for a good elemental mod, go ahead and buy yourself a Voltaic Strike!
  • High Voltage: Rifle elemental mods are very useful, so if you don’t already own High Voltage, buy buy buy!
  • Shell Shock: Shotguns do profit the most of these status elemental mods, because you always want to reach 100% status chance. Buy Shell Shock, equip it and have fun.


  • Vulkar Wraith: This is a nice sniper rifle with very good damage output. Buy if you still have Ducates and credits.
  • Prisma Veritux: No one likes Archwing. But if you are looking for more Mastery Rank, buy it. Otherwise, ignore it and use your credits and Ducates on something useful.


  • Sands of Inaros: Are you looking to get yourself a new Warframe? Are you interested in building and using Inaros? Then go ahead and buy this quest line!
  • Dragon Mod Pack: Buying mod packs is never recommended. If you really need mods, sell your prime parts for Platinum and buy the mods you need from other players.


  • Redeemer Elixis Skin: If you like to play with the Redeemer, this bronze skin will improve the looks by a lot!
  • EDO Prime Armor Set: Looks kinda cool, has a nice flair and if you have more Ducats and credits than you need, buy it if you like.
  • Ki’Teer Syandana: Bulky, glaringly and with a good optic. If you are into these kind of things, treat yourself with this Syandana.
  • Dark Sword Day Of The Dead Skin: Looks really nice and improves your outfit – if you do play the dark sword. Otherwise you’re not really needing it, do you?
  • Rest: Buy what you want and what you like. It’s your time and money, right?

Baro Ki’Teer will be available until Sunday, the 21th of October, 2018.

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