Baro Ki’Teer August 16th, 2019

Another two weeks have passed and the Void Trader returned with a few primed mods, a few rare mods, some weapons, cosmetics and the usual stuff.

Hopefully you already managed to get some primed parts to sell so you can use your Ducats and your Credits and get everything you want and need.

If not you do have 48 hours to farm up, open more relics and grab some loot from Baro Ki’Teer.

The Void Trader will stay on the Larunda Relay (Mercury) for PC players, on the Kronia Relay (Saturn) for PlayStation 4 players, on the Strata Relay (Earth) for Xbox One players and on the Vesper Relay (Venus) for Nintendo Switch players, so head over to the relay in question.

Even though there isn’t a new addition in terms of weapons or mods, you still might want to take a look. As usual, we do give you some advice on what to use your Ducats on.

There are a few great primed and rare mods to get from Baro Ki’Teer.


  • Primed Animal Instinct: This is actually a pretty great mod, even though it is ‘only’ used as a quality-of-life improvement. Seeing enemies, fragments, mods and loot on your radar is just super helpful. Buying this is worth it if you don’t need anything else.
  • Primed Pack Leader: The primed version is an okay investment if you already use the normal version or if you see yourself using it a lot in the future. Otherwise you can skip it, since it is neither essential nor the best mod to get this time.
  • Primed Pressure Point: This is very simple. If you don’t have it, buy it. It will increase your melee output by a lot and should be used in every melee weapon.
  • Pummel: Do you love to play with a secondary weapon that has a lot of Impact damage? There are a few that will benefit from using this mod, so get it if you have Ducats to spare. Otherwise feel free to ignore it for now and maybe get it at a later point.
  • Crash Course: The same is true for the rifle version. Get it if you really want it, but it isn’t an essential mod and there are very few weapons that actually need it.
  • Full Contact: Again, buy if needed. Ignore it if you don’t need it. It’s actually that simple.
  • Collision Force: Impact damage on melee weapons is even more rare, so this is probably the last Impact mod to get.


  • Mara Detron: An good secondary with okay damage output. It is a shotgun, but as a pistol. It has innate Radiation damage, a very high status chance and a low critical chance. Buy it if you can.
  • Prisma Grakata: This is not a great weapon, but can be fun to play if you invest for to five Forma. Get it for Mastery Rank experience, otherwise ignore it for now.


  • Sands of Inaros: If you want to get your hands on Inaros, buy the quest. If you already have Inaros or if you simply want to wait another two weeks, ignore it.
  • 5x Corrupted Heavy Gunner Specter: A bad and expensive Specter. Don’t buy it unless you literally don’t know what else to do with your thousands of Ducats.
Buy whatever cosmetic you like.


As usual, it is totally up to you if you want to invest into some cosmetics. The Odonata Elixis Skin might be somewhat cool with the upcoming changes on Archwings.

If you do like to play with the Twin Grakatas, get the skin as well. And if you are into collecting the Noggle Statues and whatever the Desert Skate Floof is, buy that.

But you can also totally ignore the cosmetics and use all your Credits and Ducats on mods and weapons. Do whatever you like, no one is going to stop you!

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