Baro Ki’Teer August 2, 2019

Baro Ki’Teer is back and this time he brings some primed and rare mods, a few unique weapons (well, two to be exact) and some skins, armors, booster, etc. – so if you are looking to get your hands on some really rare stuff, get your credits and Ducates ready.

Head into the Kronia Relay on Saturn (PC), the Larunda Relay on Mercury (PlayStation 4), the Leonov Relay on Europa (Xbox One) or to the Larunda Relay on Mercury (Nintendo Switch) and buy whatever you want.

You do have 48 hours to get everything – or just the things you need.

If you don’t really know what you should get, we will provide some inside on what is good and worth buying.

Also, if you are out of credits and need to quickly get some, head over to our guide for The Index for more information on that.

Baro Ki’Teer always brings some nice unique weapons and mods.


  • Primed Heated Charge: A good primed mod for different secondary weapons. Get it if you don’t have it and if you can afford it. It’s really nice to have for endgame builds, but not an essential mod.
  • Primed Cryo Rounds: The same as above – if you can afford it, get your copy now. It’s by no means an essential mod, but from time to time you want to top out your rifle build with the primed elemental mod. Not essential, but nice to have.
  • Fanged Fusillade: If you really like weapons with Slash damage, you might want to invest into this mod. It’s used for more specialized builds, but you really want it in a few rifles. Get it if you don’t need to get any of the weapons or mods from this Baro.
  • Vermillion Storm: Do you like the Ripkas, the Venka or the Venka Prime? Then get this weapon stance. Otherwise ignore it, because you can’t use it in any other weapons.
  • Astral Twilight: There are seven weapons that can use this stance, but you can also get this mod as a drop from some enemies, from Rathuum or from Lua Spy. Get it, if you do love to play with Glaive weapons, otherwise just skip it.
  • Tempo Royale: This heavy blade stance is worth getting if you have some leftover Ducates or if you really like to play with heavy swords like Galatine, Gram or even War.


  • Prisma Grinlok: An okay-ish weapon, but by no means very strong or needed in your collection. Pick it up if you need some Mastery Rank experience or if you simply want to complete your collection at some point. Otherwise feel free to skip it now and wait for another time.
  • Machete Wraith: Not a good weapon, so buy it as MR fodder or ignore it.


  • Sands of Inaros: If you want to get your hands on Inaros then get the quest. If you already have the Warframe or if you don’t have enough Ducates or credits now, wait until it returns in two weeks.
  • 3 Day Affinity Booster: Do you plan on playing a lot in the next three days and do you have spare Ducates and credits? Then sure, buy the booster. Otherwise, don’t buy it. Should be easy enough to understand.
  • Orokin Tower Extraction Scene: If you are into Fashionframe and collecting stuff for Captura, then go ahead and buy it. It is a good enough scene and especially if you combine it with one of the older primed Warframes you will get some cool pictures out of it.
Get whatever cosmetics and misc items you need and like.


Honestly, it is totally up to you what you buy here. The Mirage Immortal Skin looks kinda cool and if you do like Mirage then this is a good enough investment of your Ducates and credits.

The Ki’Teer Tribute Glyph is cheap and can complete your collection, which is also true for the Noggle Statue of Baro Ki’Teer.

Otherwise get what you like or skip everything – it is totally up to your own taste and preferences.

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