Baro Ki’Teer August 30th, 2019

Everyone’s favorite Void Trader is back and brings his goods to you, Tenno.

Baro Ki’Teer isn’t really going to surprise you this time, because there aren’t new mods, weapons or cosmetics in his repertoire, but if you haven’t managed to get your hands on everything the last couple of times he came to the solar system, now is your chance to trade your hard earned Ducats and Credits for (primed) mods, weapons and more.

So make sure to use the next 48 hours to get everything you want and need.

You’ll find the Void Trader on the Strata Relay (Earth) if you’re playing on PC or the PlayStation 4.

Xbox One player will be able to trade with him on the Vesper Relay (Venus), while Nintendo Switch player need to visit the Leonov Relay (Europa).

If you aren’t sure what you should spend your Ducats and Credits on, keep on reading this article!

Get your primed mods, rare mods and weapons from Baro Ki’Teer.


  • Primed Point Blank: The best mod in any shotgun build. Buy it if you can, even if you’re currently not able to max it out. You’ll get there eventually and this mod will give you a huge boost if you max it out and equip it.
  • Primed Fast Hands: Nice-to-have, but nothing essential. Get it if you want, but feel free to ignore it if you need the other items from the Void Trader.
  • Primed Morphic Transformer: Archwings will benefit greatly from this primed mod, especially with the upcoming Archwing changes. Buy it if you can and max it out once you need it.
  • Buzz Kill: There are certainly some melee weapons that do use Slash damage and even though they are more of a minority, buying this mod if you have enough Credits and Ducats will be worth it in the long run.
  • Sweeping Serration: Usually shotguns aren’t really going for Slash damage, but there are a few exceptions to this rule. Buy it if you have bought everything else you needed from Baro.
  • Maim: Probably the best of the Slash mods from the Void Trade, but still not a must-have. Buy it if you can, ignore it if you don’t have enough to trade for it.


  • Supra Vandal: The Supra Vandal is an okay rifle that does need a few Forma to release its full potential. Buy it for the Mastery Rank or if you’re really into a fast firing rifles, otherwise ignore it for now.
  • Prisma Dual Cleavers: Pure Mastery Rank fodder. Damage output isn’t the greatest, the range is bad and it simply doesn’t feel great to use them in melee combat. Ignore if you want to invest into other stuff first.
  • Zylok: Pure MR fodder. Ignore it unless you have more Ducats than you need or if you really want to get it for the Mastery Rank.


  • Prisma Shade: The prisma version of the Shade is an okay investment, but the Shade itself isn’t the greatest sentinel or companion in the game. Get it for Mastery Rank or if you really like Shade, otherwise just ignore it.
  • Sands of Inaros: If you don’t have Inaros yet, get the quest line. If you do own an INAROS already or if you can wait for another two weeks, don’t buy it yet.
  • 10x Ki’Teer Fireworks: If you do have too many credits, feel free to invest them in fun, a.k.a. Fireworks. Or don’t. It’s your money.
  • Stalker Beacon: Honestly, buying Stalker Beacon feels like a waste of Credits. Instead you could just grind some Invasion missions and get the same result.
If you’re into cosmetics, buy whatever you want and like.


Some of these are lovely and worth your Ducats and Credits. Others aren’t. Which one are which? Well, that purely depends on your own taste and ideas for Fashionframe.

Buy whatever you want and need or don’t. We don’t care what you spend your hard earned money on and we certainly don’t judge.

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