Baro Ki’Teer October 11, 2019

If you are looking for the freshest and newest items from the Void Trader you came to the right place. Baro Ki’Teer is back and brings a lot of cosmetics, some (primed) mods and a few weapons you might want to look at.

To find your way to the shop you could either just user the ‘Alert’ tab in your navigation or join the relay manually.

This week you’ll find Baro on the Orcus Relay (Pluto) if you’re playing on PC, on the Kronia Relay (Saturn) if you’re on the PlayStation 4 or on the Strata Relay (Earth) if you use the Xbox One. Nintendo Switch players will find the Void Trader on the Vesper Relay (Venus).

It also seems like Baro brought a lot of extra cosmetics and miscellaneous items this week, so keep an eye out for those and pick whatever you need and want.

All mods are worth buying if you have enough Credits and Ducats.


  • Primed Charged Shell: Most shotguns don’t really use the elemental mods due to the fact that you usually need to reach 100% status chance or you’ll ‘waste’ the mod slots. However, there are a few exceptions where this mod is great and a good damage increase, so buy it if you do have enough Ducats and bought everything else you need.
  • Primed Target Cracker: An absolute must-have for a lot of secondary weapons, so buy this mod if you can!
  • Thermite Rounds: The +60% status chance mods are all great and this mod will also be very useful for all the weapons you do own and for all the weapons you’ll eventually get.
  • Scattering Inferno: This mod is way better than the primed mod above, simply because it adds extra status chance – which is what a lot of shotguns need. Buy it if you can.
  • Scorch: Extra status chance isn’t as great on secondaries as it is on shotguns, but you often want to either go for a hybrid build or increase your already good status chance weapon. So buy it if you have leftover Ducats and Credits.
  • Volcanic Edge: Even weaker than the range-weapon-variants, but still an okay mod to have and use.


  • Prisma Veritux: For now, buy it if you need the Mastery Rank experience. Archwing isn’t super popular and melee feels somewhat clunky.
  • Prisma Angstrum: An okay rifle that will mostly be used as Mastery Rank fodder. Get it for that or if you really want to try it out.
Buy whatever cosmetics you like and want.
Don’t waste Ducats on the Beacons.


  • 3 Day Mod Drop Chance Booster: Honestly, the mod drop chance booster isn’t the best booster in the game unless you are trying really hard to farm certain mods (or Endo) dropped from certain enemies. If that’s the case, sure – go ahead and buy this. Otherwise I wouldn’t touch it.
  • Assassins Beacons: The beacons for the Grustrag Three, the Zanuka Hunter and the Stalker aren’t really worth your hard earned Ducats unless one of the weapon drops from those enemies is what you are currently farming for. Otherwise you can just jump into Invasions and get the same effect within a few minutes.
  • Sand of Inaros: The quest line for Inaros is always a good choice if you don’t own the Warframe already. If you don’t have enough Ducats or Credits right now, don’t worry – it will be back in two weeks.


Baro brought a few really cool looking skins and cosmetics this week.

Buy whatever you like most, but we really recommend investing Ducats and Credits into weapons, mods and miscellaneous items first.

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