Baro Ki’Teer September 27, 2019

If you’re playing on console, you probably felt a little bit puzzled while comparing last week’s inventory of the Void Trader with what PC players did get.

It seems that Baro Ki’Teer skipped a rotation on September 13, 2019.

The reason for that is still unclear, but Digital Extremes already found a solution: Today’s Void Trader will bring a double rotation for players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

So if you want to see what Baro has in stock for our console players, make sure to not only read this guide, but also head over to Baro’s last visit.

If you’re playing on PC, head over to the Kronia Relay (Saturn). PlayStation 4 players will find the Void Trader on the Larunda Relay (Mercury), which is also true for Nintendo Switch users. Xbox One users need to go to the Leonov Relay (Europa).

There aren’t a lot of great mods to get from Baro Ki’Teer this time.


  • Primed Pistol Gambit: Get it if you can! Every secondary that uses a good amount of critical chance will be improved by using this great mod.
  • Primed Slip Magazine: There are a few weapons and builds that do use this mod, but generally speaking you won’t use it in a lot of weapons. Buy it if you either use a weapon that really benefits from a bigger magazine capacity or if you want to pick it up for later use. If you’re tight on Ducats and Credits, ignore it for now.
  • Primed Bane of Infested: Bad mod. Don’t buy it. Period.
  • Primed Bane of Corpus: Don’t buy it. Bad mod. Period.
  • Primed Bane of Grineer: Period. Bad mod. Don’t buy it. Or something like this.
  • Primed Bane of Corrupted: I’m sure you already understand it. Don’t buy.


  • Vulkar Wraith: An okay version of the Vulkar, which features a better fire rate, higher damage and a bigger magazine size. Get it for Mastery Rank or if you really like the Vulkar.
  • Viper Wraith: More damage, higher critical chance and better accuracy as well as a larger magazine size. The Viper Wraith is an okay weapon that you should get if you have more Ducats than needed for this week or if you’re looking to increase your Mastery Rank.


Sand of Inaros: Are you looking to get your hands on Inaros in the next 14 days? Then buy the quest line right now from Baro Ki’Teer.

Otherwise wait until the Void Trader comes back in two weeks and you’ll be able to buy it again.

3 Days Resource Booster: If you plan on playing and farming a lot in the next few days, feel free to invest into the booster. You can also buy multiple and stack them for six, nine, etc. days.

Use your Ducats and Credits on whatever cosmetics you want to buy.


As usual, we recommend buying whatever cosmetic looks good to you. There isn’t a lot you actually *need* from Baro this time, so use your hard earned Ducats and Credits freely.

Or don’t and wait for two weeks. Do whatever you like as long as it makes you happy.

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