Baruuk Fashionframe – Darth Vader

The combination of black and red is oftentimes seen as ‘edgy’ when it comes to Fashionframe ideas. But if you really like Star Wars or simply adore Darth Vader, there is no way to go around that color combination. There aren’t a lot of great Warframes that resemble the iconic helmet of Darth Vader, but the alternate Baruuk Meroe Helmet comes pretty close, especially if you use some complementary attachments and a good Syandana.

There is also another reason why Baruuk is a great choice to cosplay Darth Vader: The power punches of ‘Serene Storm’ really feel like you are working with The Force and complete the play style of the Jedi gone Sith. As always, try and find other Warframes that could be used as Darth Vader and leave us a comment if you do.

How to create this Fashionframe

There are several critical components if you want to recreate this Star Wars inspired Fashionframe. First of all you really need the Baruuk Meroe Helmet and combine it with the standard Baruuk skin. The ‘Excalibur Umbra Noble Animation’ is highly suited to portrait Darth Vader, so equip it as well as the Smoking Body Ephemera for some cool eye catcher that looks like the force is flowing through your Warframe.

Another very important piece of the outfit is the Quaro Chest Armor, which will complete the very unique look of the Sith lord by imitating the computer parts he usually wears on his chest. We also used the Vetala Shoulder Plates for both arms and the Quaro Leg Armor for both legs. Color-wise you do want to simply copy the skin colors, but go for a darkish red for the accents. Here are the colors we used on the normal Baruuk skin:

Primary BLACK (classic color palette, last row, first color)
Secondary BLACK
Tertiary BLACK
Accents BLACK
Energy BRIGHT RED (red/white/blue palette, first row, first color)

Of course you really need to find a good light saber, which is one of the most important accessories a Jedi and a Sith can carry. We are going with the Skana here (everything in BRIGHT RED colors), but you could also try Broken Sword or any other sword weapon you like.

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