Baza Prime Warframe Guide

If you are wondering what Baza Prime on Warframe is, it’s the primed variant of Baza. This is a silenced submachine gun boasting higher status chance, critical chance, reload speed, magazine size, and better damage falloff range.

The better magazine and quicker reload help mitigate the usual weaknesses of constant reloading downtime. The longer damage falloff means it has a better range. This weapon deals mainly in Puncture damage.

Advantages of Baza Prime

  • High Impact and Puncture damage which is effective against shields and armor.
  • High critical chance.
  • Good status chance.
  • Tied with Soma Prime, Baza and Attica for the best fully automatic rifle critical multiplier.
  • Very high accuracy per shot, including at full auto.
  • Large reserves of ammo.
  • Low zoom when aiming which is good for any mods requiring zoom to get a bonus.
  • Silent.
  • Negligible recoil.
  • Quickest reload speed of every fully automatic rifle.
  • Third quickest fire rate of every fully automatic rifle, tied with Baza. Only Primsma Grakata and Grineer are better.

Disadvantages of Baza Prime

  • It has the fourth lowest base damage of all the fully automatic rifles, tied with Baza, and better than only Grakata and Soma Prime. It’s heavily reliant on the critical damage potential.
  • Low zoon can make ranged shooting harder when aiming.
  • Slash damage isn’t very effective against health.
  • Because it nullifies critical hits, it isn’t useful against Object-based health.
  • Not very good ammo economy.
  • Linear damage falloff drops from 100 to 50% from 30 to 60m target distance (these are affected by Projective Speed).
  • Unable to equip the Terminal Velocity mod.

Baza vs. Baza Prima Comparison

What makes Baza Prime better?

Baza vs Baza Prime Comparison
Baza vs. Baza Prime Comparison
  • Higher critical chance (28% versus 26%)
  • Bigger magazine (60 rounds versus 40 rounds)
  • Bigger max ammo capacity (840 rounds versus 800 rounds)
  • Quicker reload speed (1.1 s versus 1.4 s)
  • Higher status chance (14% versus 10%)
  • Double polarities
  • Lower disposition (0.95 versus 1.05)
  • Longer range before damage falloff stops (60m versus 34m)
  • Longer range before damage falloff begins (30m versus 22m)
  • Higher Mastery Rank required (10 versus 7)

How To Get Baza Prime?

You can get Baza Prime from these Void Relics:


  • Meso B4 Rare (Prime vault)
  • Axi B4 Rare (Prime vault)
  • Lith B8 Rare
  • Lith B7 Rare (Prime vault)


  • Meso E4 Common (Prime vault)
  • Neo R3 Common (Prime vault)
  • Axi W2 Common
  • Meso P2 Common
  • Meso C6 Common


  • Lith W2 Uncommon (Prime vault)
  • Lith S10 Uncommon (Prime vault)
  • Axi Z1 Uncommon
  • Neo N15 Uncommon


  • Axi B3 Rare (Prime vault)
  • Neo B7 Rare

Baza Prime Build Requirements

To manufacture Baza Prime, you need:

It takes 12 hours or you can rush the manufacture by paying 50 Platinum.


Baza is able to land consistent headshots thanks to its high accuracy compared with other automatic weapons. Teamed with its good critical hit chance, this means Baza is great for Argon Scope mod builds.

The lower status chance (when compared with various other automatic rifles) can be improved with the Hunter Munitions mod.

This lets the weapon spread Slash procs quickly to enemies. This works better than using heavy armor.

Baza Prime is silenced, meaning it goes good with Ivara Warframe. Firing the weapon won’t interrupt Ivara’s Prowl ability. Since it’s very accurate it can use Heavy Caliber to increase overall damage caused.

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