Big 1-Year-Anniversary Give-Away

It has been over a year now that WarframeSchool started as a small website and quickly become one of the biggest fansites for Warframe. To celebrate the first year of existence, we are going to give-away a lot of different stuff for all platforms. You will be able to win some Platinum codes, the new Wukong Samadhi Skin and even some (non-prime) Warframes!

To participate we decided to upgrade our give-away game a bit and not only allow a participation via social media. If you feel like we should add more social media platforms, leave a comment and let us know! We are always happy to reach out more to the community.

How to win:

There are four different possibilities to win and even though you are totally allowed to participate on every platform, you can only win once (check the rules for more information). Here are the four ways to win:

  • Facebook: Follow our Facebook page and like this post. Also make sure to leave a comment with your preferred platform. We will DM you if you are one of the lucky winners.
  • Instagram: Follow our Instagram page and like this post. Again, leave a quick comment with your preferred platform (and with whatever else you want to comment). We will also DM you on Instagram if you win.
  • Twitter: Follow our account, like the Tweet and leave us a quick comment with the platform you do play on. If you are one of the lucky winners on Twitter, we will DM you on Twitter.
  • E-Mail: Leave your email down below. Make sure to leave your platform instead of a name (or at least include the platform with your name). If you win, we will send you an email, so make sure to check your spam folder from time to time.

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The Prices:

So what can you win? Well, every week (cutoff is on August 10, August 17, August 24 and August 31) we do give away the following items:

  • 2x Warframe (non-prime) of your choice
  • 2x Wukong Samadhi Skin
  • 2x 75x Platinum codes

Again, we’re giving those away EACH week, so you Tennos are able to get prices worth of 4.800 Platinum. The give-away will end on the 31th of August 2019, so make sure to get your chances before that.

The Rules:

  • If you are a winner, you have 72 hours to respond with your account name (so we can send you your price). If you don’t respond in time, someone else will get your price.
  • You can only win once.
  • You do not have to name your own account. If you win and want to get the price to a friend, just give us your friends account name.
  • The winners will be chosen at random. We do use a random number generator for that purpose.
  • We will give away prices every week throughout the whole month. So make sure to have an eye on your social media and email during the whole August.

We will also go ahead and distribute the prices evenly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and E-Mail, so even if you can’t (or don’t want to) participate on all four platforms, you still have a chance to win one of the weekly prices.

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