How to get Valkyr

Valkyr is a feral berserker Warframe. Known to be the tormented and the experiment. Driven by her rage, she uses this ferocity against her foes. Valkyr is currently the toughest of all female Warframes based on stats, thus the title of Queen … Read more

How to get Gara

Defending an objective is a core part of Warframe. Whether it’s a round of defense, mobile defense, or you’re just defending the console you hacked in sabotage, there are a lot of missions where it’s important to bring a frame who can … Read more

How To Get Loki Guide

Loki is widely used for its stealth capabilities, he is considered one of the best candidate for missions that require tactical infiltration, as he is the original stealth Warframe. He is also a stealthy trickster named after the Norse god of mischief. … Read more

How To Get Protea Guide

Protea was introduced into the game with Update 28 and features an unique skill set as well as a fairly unique way to actually farm the Warframe: Not only do you have to find your way through a whole new quest line, … Read more

How to get Trinity

Even though nowadays there are a lot of different, viable support Warframe in the game (looking at my bestie Wisp), for the longest time there was simply no dedicated farming group without a Trinity. And even today you often pick the fairly … Read more

How To Get Vauban Guide

Since the latest rework (Update 26), Vauban has changed his status from being underplayed and never-touched by most players to a decent and fun-to-play version of himself. He is still decent at crowd control, but since the changes to his abilities he … Read more

Tellurium Farming Guide

The rare resource ‘Tellurium’ isn’t used as often as most other rare resources, but it is a very important one. It is usually needed for everything Archwing related, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that you can get it by … Read more

How to farm Exilus Weapon Adapters

One of the few new features that came with Update 26 is the inclusion of exilus mod slots for your primary and secondary weapons. The extra mod slot can easily be accessed by using a so-called Exilus Weapon Adapter, which basically works … Read more

How to get Hydroid

Even though Earth is the first planet in the progression of playing Warframe and therefor Councilor Vay Hek is for most people the first boss encounter they could potentially finish, Earth’s assassination target is fairly hard to beat during the first few … Read more

How to get Grendel

The biggest update of 2019, called ‘The Old Blood’, did bring a lot of different content. One of the inclusions was Grendel, the devouring Warframe. Not only does he eat his enemies, he also gets different bonuses from doing so. No wonder … Read more