How To Get Grendel Guide

The biggest update of 2019, called ‘The Old Blood’, did bring a lot of different content. One of the inclusions was Grendel, the devouring Warframe. Not only does he eat his enemies, … Read more

Zealoid Prelate Fight Guide

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How To Get Mesa Guide

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How To Get Gauss Guide

With the release of ‘Saint of Altra’ (Update 25.7) players also gained access to Gauss, the fastest Warframe in the game. He was named after the Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician … Read more

Disruption Mission Guide

The endless mission type ‘Disruption’ was introduced during Update 25 and not only brought some fresh, new content into Warframe, but also set the foundation for even more content: Update 25.7 expanded … Read more

Polymer Bundle Farming Guide

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How to get Equinox Guide

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Cephalon Simaris Guide

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Weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt

Once per week you are able to go to Maroo’s Bazaar (Mars) and ask Maroo for the Ayatan Treasure Hunt – a short mission that will guaranteed reward you with an Ayatan … Read more