Saryn Fashionframe – Bird of Paradise

Even though Saryn is more of a toxic character (haha, get it? No? Okay.), you don’t necessarily have to build your cosmetics and appearance around that theme. Instead you could choose to … Read more

Hydroid Fashionframe – The Pirate

Being an old-fashioned pirate isn’t easy, especially in Warframe. There isn’t a lot of water, you only have spaceships and you’re limited by the futuristic weaponry. But if you get your hands … Read more

Gauss FashionFrame – The Flash

If you’re thinking about Gauss, you are thinking about speed. You’re thinking about breaking the sound barrier. And you are thinking about the fastest Warframe alive. You are thinking about the Flash. … Read more

Valkyr Fashionframe – Wolverine

If you think about Warframes that could and should totally look like the X-Men character Wolverine, you will eventually end up with Valkyr. Sure, she isn’t a male character, but the theme … Read more

Baruuk Fashionframe – Darth Vader

The combination of black and red is oftentimes seen as ‘edgy’ when it comes to Fashionframe ideas. But if you really like Star Wars or simply adore Darth Vader, there is no … Read more

Mirage Fashionframe – Harley Quinn

The DC Comics character Harley Quinn has always been a target for cosplayers around the world. So recreating the unique look of the villain is just a natural idea when it comes … Read more

Rhino Fashionframe – Iron Man

One of the most iconic Marvel characters in the last decade is Iron Man, the ‘genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist’ (yes, he said that) who is also part of The Avangers and … Read more