Nightwave Intermission II – Week 4

Another week has passed and Nora is back with another pile of new quests. While the missions are fairly easy to understand and solve, this week doesn’t allow you to simply finish everything in just one session. So if you’re a player … Read more

Nightwave Intermission II – Week 3

‘It’s that time again, dreamers!’ – Another week has passed and we’re back with more Nightwave missions and solutions on how to finish them as fast and efficient as possible. As usual, if you didn’t finish last week’s quests you can recover … Read more

Nightwave Intermission II – Week 2

With the current Nightwave Intermission you’ll be able to get a few rewards from the past, so if you weren’t able to fully participate in Nightwave Season 1, now is your time to get your hands on cosmetics, mods and more. While … Read more

Nightwave Intermission II – Week 1

The Nightwave Intermission is back after one week of absolutely no way to farm Nitain Extracts, Orokin Catalysts or other items only available in the Nightwave shop. If you haven’t seen it yet or if you simply want to check what the … Read more

Nightwave Week 14

The last week of Nightwave Season 2 has started and now you really should start grinding those ranks if you haven’t done that already. The current season will be concluded on October 13 and once it is done you won’t be able … Read more

Nightwave Week 13

We finally did get a date for the upcoming end of Nightwave Season 2, but until then we will still give you weekly short guides on all the quests. This week brings you a good mix of different things to do and … Read more

Nightwave Week 12

Here we are, already at week 12 in the second season of Nightwave. This week brings you again very easy-to-do quests, even easier than last week’s Nightwave. It also seems that Digital Extremes is still working on the balancing of each mission … Read more

Nightwave Week 11

We already mentioned in the last week’s Nightwave report that more and more people are getting towards that rank 30 mark. If you’re not there already, don’t worry – you still have a few weeks to go. This week’s missions will help … Read more

Nightwave Week 10

Nora is back and brings you joy, more Emissary Creds, and new quests to solve in the upcoming week. Even though more and more people should reach rank 30 in the current Nightwave season, you probably want to keep on playing and … Read more

Nightwave Week 9

While almost all of this week’s Nightwave missions are fairly easy to do and won’t really hold you back in terms of time commitment needed to finish everything, some do need a good amount of explaining – especially if you’re new(ish) to … Read more