Nightwave Week 8

This week does feel somewhat special, because if you kept up with your Nightwave quests over the last few weeks you should be able to hit rank 30 now. The missions themselves … Read more

Nightwave Week 7

Honestly, this week’s Nightwave missions are very easy to do (with maybe one exception), so if you haven’t had the time to do all quests from the last few weeks, now would … Read more

Nightwave Week 6

A new week, a new bunch of Nightwave quests: This week really does feel harder than last weeks Nightwave quests, especially for people that usually don’t farm for more lategame oriented missions. … Read more

Nightwave Week 5

This week’s Nightwave quests do bring a lot of different things to work on. Especially the Elite Weekly Quests could be somewhat annoying and troublesome for players, but there are some ways … Read more

Nightwave Warframe F.A.Q

Lore-wise Nightwave is a pirate radio station, operated by the mysterious Nora Night. The game mode (or rather ‘Syndicate’) did replace the classic alert system Warframe and Digital Extremes used to give … Read more