How To Farm Scintillant on Deimos

One of the rarest resources from the ‘Heart of Deimos’ update is called ‘Scintillant’. It is needed for a lot of different aspects of the content, for example building the Xaku Warframe, a few new weapons or using it to trade with … Read more

How to get Pustrels

With the addition of the Empyrean update, Warframe features a few new resources needed to build your Railjack or upgrade and maintain it later on. One of these resources are the ‘Pustrels’ and they are fairly easy to get if you know … Read more

Tellurium Farming Guide

The rare resource ‘Tellurium’ isn’t used as often as most other rare resources, but it is a very important one. It is usually needed for everything Archwing related, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that you can get it by … Read more

How To Get Exilus Weapon Adapter

One of the few new features that came with Update 26 is the inclusion of exilus mod slots for your primary and secondary weapons. The extra mod slot can easily be accessed by using a so-called Exilus Weapon Adapter, which basically works … Read more

Polymer Bundle Farming Guide

The uncommon resource Polymer Bundle is heavily used throughout the game and you eventually will get to a point where you need start farming for the material. Especially if you do use a lot of Squad Energy Restores during Eidolon farming or … Read more

Oxium Farm – Best Places To Get Oxium in 2021

Even though Oxium is only an uncommon resource it usually feels like you never have enough of that stuff, especially during the early and mid game. You will eventually need a lot of it (the primed version of Vauban alone needs 7.000 … Read more

Lith Relic Farm (Best Place to Farm Lith Relics)

The lowest relic tier is probably the easiest to get, simply by playing through the game. Are you clearing the star chart? Here is your Lith relic. Are you hopping into Sanctuary Onslought or into Elite Sanctuary Onslought for Affinity and Focus? … Read more

Meso Relic Farm (How to Get Meso Relics)

Most people have very few Axi relics, but there is also an undeniable shortage of Meso relics in the game. The main reason for that is that there is no mission that will drop a Meso relic with a 100% probability – … Read more

Neo Relic Farm – How to find Neo Relics

Neo relics are probably the easiest tier to get of all relics in the game: If you are farming for Axi relics on B- and C-rotation you do oftentimes get Neo relics from the A-rotation. And if you are grinding for Meso … Read more

Axi Relic Farm (Where to Get Axi Relics)

Every time new primed Warframes and weapons get released the hunt for the right relics starts again – and can quickly become frustrating and annoying, especially if you don’t get the reward you want from the new relics. You oftentimes have to … Read more