Mutagen Sample Farming Guide

Mutagen samples are a special resource that has the description “These samples could advance our knowledge of biological research.“ It is primarily found on planets that have the infested and appear from … Read more

Steel Essence Farming Guide

Steel Essence is a special resource that can only appear in the steal path mode. Steel essence is described as “Tokens of Teshin’s Esteem” earned from Incursion Alerts or Acolytes on The … Read more

Thaumica Farming Guide

Thaumica is a mining resource that can be obtained in the Cambion Drift. To get this resource you must go to the yellow Mineral Veins and mine it for a chance of … Read more

Rubedo Farming Guide

Rubedo is an uncommon resource that is “A jagged crystalline ore. That gives off radiant energy.” It is primarily found all over the star chart. In caches like the image on the … Read more

Ferrite Farming Guide

Ferrite is a Grineer resource and can mostly be found on planets that are inhabited by the Grineer, or in several other areas in the start chart. It is an alloy pellet … Read more

Control Module Farming Guide

Control Modules are a rare corpus resource that is an “Autonomy Processor for Robotics, which are a Corpus design”. It is primary found in the Void, Neptune, and Europa and drops from … Read more

Alloy Plate Farming Guide

Alloy Plate is a resource and can mostly be found on planets in the star chart. It is a carbon steel plate that’s used to not only reinforce Grineer armor but is … Read more

Best Ways To Farm Cryotic in Warframe

Cryotic is a Warframe resource that you mainly get by Excavating. It also comes from Resource Caches. Cryotic was first introduced in the Operation: Cryotic Front event. This resource freezes anything it … Read more