Argon Crystal Farming Guide

There is one resource on Warframe you can’t hoard, and that is Argon Crystal. This resource will vanish from your inventory after 24 hours. You usually get it as a drop from … Read more

Nitain Extract Farming Guide

Are you looking for Nitain Extract farming guide and ways to get it in Warframe? Unlike most resources in Warframe, Nitain Extract isn’t something you can farm. Most Warcraft players will have … Read more

Plastids Farm Guide

Plastids are nanite-infested tissue masses and are quite rare in the game. Even though the description sounds gross, you need plastics to make weapons and also components. They can be farmed from … Read more

Pustrels Farm Guide

With the addition of the Empyrean update, Warframe features a few new resources needed to build your Railjack or upgrade and maintain it later on. One of these resources are the ‘Pustrels‘ … Read more