Baza Prime Warframe Guide

If you are wondering what Baza Prime on Warframe is, it’s the primed variant of Baza. This is a silenced submachine gun boasting higher status chance, critical chance, reload speed, magazine size, … Read more

Opticor Vandal Warframe Guide

The Vandal variant of Opticor is known as the Opticor Vandal. It has better critical chance, status chance, critical multiplier, reload speed, magazine size, and quicker charge rate than classic Opticor. This … Read more

Sands of Inaros Quest Guide

If you are looking for the Sands of Inaros Warframe guide you came to the right place! This optional Warframe quest was introduced to the game back in 2016 and the reward … Read more

Parazon Warframe Guide

This bladed tool can be used for various functions by Warframes. The main use is to Hack enemy electronics, but it’s also strong enough to be used as an assassination weapon. It’s … Read more

Helminth Warframe Guide

The Helminth lives in the Helminth Infirmary on the Orbiter. He is behind a sealed door you need a special method to open. Helminth is responsible for the ‘biological functions’ of the … Read more

Warframe Fishing Guide

A lot of Warframe has to do with killing enemies and going against various factions in space, but there are also non-violent things to do in the game, such as fishing (or … Read more