Hidden Messages Quest Walkthrough

The Hidden Messages quest line was introduces during Update 14 and while it features optional questions, it is currently the only way to get your hands on the Mirage Warframe. The quest itself consists of three riddles, each riddle will lead you … Read more

Entrati Family Tokens Guide

With the ‘Heart of Deimos’ update (Update 29), Digital Extremes introduced a new open world as well as a whole new syndicate: The Entrati Family plays an essential part in the lore of Warframe, even though they are currently not in the … Read more

Deimos Isolation Vault Bounty Guide

The Isolation Vault is a special bounty on Deimos, the Mars moon. It has no expiry, which means you can play it as often as you want at any time you want without having to wait for a cooldown or getting some … Read more

Chains of Harrow Quest Walkthrough

You can obtain Harrow’s main blueprints in this quest. Do note that the Chains of Harrow quest can only be played solo, but before you can start, you must complete the “The War Within” cinematic quest and “Mot Survival Mode” on the … Read more

Granum Void Guide

The Granum Void was added with the release of Update 28 and the inclusion of Protea. While the new game mode can and will be used to farm for the Warframe parts, you also get new weapons, Credits, Endo and more by … Read more

Pustrels Farm Guide

With the addition of the Empyrean update, Warframe features a few new resources needed to build your Railjack or upgrade and maintain it later on. One of these resources are the ‘Pustrels‘ and they are fairly easy to get if you know … Read more

Vasca Kavat Guide

The Vasca Kavat is the newest companion and the third Kavat that you can acquire as a pet. It is also known as the ‘Vampire Kavat’ due to its special mods that allow health drain and sacrifice to help itself as well … Read more

Kuva Lich Guide

The biggest addition included with Update 26 (‘The Old Blood’) is your own personal archenemy, called ‘Kuva Lich’. The special boss enemy will base his stats on the first Warframe you encountered his ‘larva’ with and your weapons and Warframes used to … Read more

Conservation Guide (Hunting Animals)

With the Grineer and Corpus units running around on the Plains of Eidolon (Earth) as well as on the Orb Vallis (Venus), the local fauna struggles to survive. This is where you as a Tenno come in: Your job while doing conservation … Read more

How to get the Zealot Derelict Code

With the end of Nightwave Season 2 coming closer and closer every day, Digital Extremes not only increased the spawn chance of Zealot Heralds (the followers of Arlo), they also increased the number of Zealots per spawn (instead of a Zealot Herald … Read more