Ghoul Purge Guide

Every few weeks the Ghoul Purge event occurs on the Plains of Eidolon and basically works as special bounty missions. The premise should be easy to understand: While Ghouls are always a part of the Plains of Eidolon experience, during the Ghoul … Read more

Razorback Armada Event Guide

Fighting the Razorback Armada is a recurring event and every few month you are able to fight the boss again. This will not only reward you with some nice credits and an Orokin Catalyst, but you also do have another chance to … Read more

Balor Fomorian Guide

Every few month Digital Extreme gives its player base access to the Balor Fomorian event. It is mainly an Archwing missions, so get your loadout ready for that. The main reason you shouldn’t miss this event aren’t the okay-ish rewards you get … Read more