Baro Ki’Teer September 13, 2019

And here he is again – The Void Trader returns in brings you more cosmetics, more weapons, more primed mods and just more stuff. Even though there isn’t really a lot of … Read more

Baro Ki’Teer August 30th, 2019

Everyone’s favorite Void Trader is back and brings his goods to you, Tenno. Baro Ki’Teer isn’t really going to surprise you this time, because there aren’t new mods, weapons or cosmetics in … Read more

Update 25.6.0 available on consoles

Sometimes Digital Extremes manages to get new content out without a huge delay, as this news can confirm. It hasn’t been two weeks since the release of this patch on PC and … Read more

Baro Ki’Teer August 16th, 2019

Another two weeks have passed and the Void Trader returned with a few primed mods, a few rare mods, some weapons, cosmetics and the usual stuff. Hopefully you already managed to get … Read more

Augment Tweaks Update 25.6.0

Another update was just released and again you will get a lot of changes. This time – as the title already might suggest – Digital Extremes did some rework on an older … Read more