Xaku Builds Guide

As a community-made Warframe, Xaku features a set of fairly unique abilities. They are also known as the ‘Broken Warframe’, since they were made out of three different Warframes, coming together into … Read more

Protea Builds Guide

With the release of Update 28, Warframe finally got another toy to play with: Protea is a fairly versatile addition to the game that brings a little bit of support, a lot … Read more

Grendel Builds Guide

With his ability to devour enemies and keeping them in his belly until later usage, Grendel quickly got associated with the beloved Nintendo character Kirby. The 42nd Warframe features a very unique … Read more

Vauban Prime Builds Guide

Once upon a time Vauban was one of the most played Warframes in the game, being the meta for raids, excavation missions and more. But with more and more Warframe releases (and … Read more

Ember Prime Builds Guide

Even though Ember has been a member of the Warframe team since the beta version of the game went live and even though she has been a fan-favourite since that time, sadly … Read more

Gauss Builds Guide

Even though Gauss was named after a famous German mathematician, his abilities and looks rather remind of a racing car and not of the scientist. The theme of the 41th Warframe is … Read more

Wukong & Wukong Prime Builds Guide

The Wukong Warframe is based on the old Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’, which influenced a lot of different modern stories. The Monkey King (also known as ‘Sun Wukong’) is clearly … Read more

Zephyr Prime Builds Guide

One of the more overlooked Warframes – and one that could definitively could need some buffs or a whole rework – is the light-footed Zephyr. She does have a unique skill set … Read more