Wisp Builds Guide

Wisp is the 40th Warframe of the game and was added together with a new assassination target as well as an overhaul of Jupiter. She is mainly seen as a support Warframes … Read more

Valkyr Prime Builds Guide

The female warrior Valkyr is one of the oldest Warframe in the game and was released shortly after the open beta launch in 2013. Her lore is quite interesting and you should … Read more

Nyx Prime Builds Guide

While some Warframes are just more ‘meta’ than others, there are also some that seem forgotten and simply out of touch with the current requirements in the game. Nyx is one of … Read more

Hildryn Builds Guide

Hildryn is the second Warframe obtainable from Fortuna and Orb Vallis and the first one that needs a high standing with the Vox Solaris Syndicate. If you want to know more about … Read more

Baruuk Builds Guide

Baruuk is described as a pacifistic monk and someone who tries to evade conflict by all means. That said, he still kicks ass and brings a good amount of damage and killing … Read more

Titania Prime Builds Guide

Often times people aren’t all that impressed with Titania, mainly because a lot of people don’t enjoy playing Archwing and her fourth skill ‘Razorwing’ does mimic the classic Archwing movement and combat. … Read more

Nidus Builds Guide

Nidus is one of the most loved Warframes in the game and units a great skill set with a fun-to-play play style as well as a cool theme. The acquisition of the … Read more

Oberon Prime Builds Guide

Even though he doesn’t belong to the OG crew of Warframe, it feels like Oberon has always been there and with his release in 2013, he was one of the first additions … Read more

Garuda Builds Guide

In the real world, Garuda is a bird-like companion and mount to the Hindu god Vishnu. In the Warframe universe at least the bird-like part still stands as she leaps with her … Read more