Braton Prime Guide & Best Builds

The Braton Prime is the final evolution of the Braton, it is the prime version of the more well-known beginner weapon known as the Braton. It is a mastery 8 assault rifle … Read more

Prisma Tetra Guide & Best Builds

The Prisma Tetra is the Prisma variant of the standard Corpus Assault rifle called the tetra. While the Tetra is seen to be used by corpus enemies the Prisma tetra is not … Read more

Paris Guide & Best Builds

Not only is Paris one of the first bows that the Tenno get in the game, but it is also one of the first weapons that they get in the game. This … Read more

Gorgon Wraith Guide & Best Builds

The Gorgon Wraith is the Wraith variant of the standard Grineer machine gun known as the Gorgon. The Gorgon is primarily used by the Heavy Gunners and Grineer Wardens and even used … Read more

Vulkar (Guide & Best Builds)

The Vulkar is one of the first sniper rifles that any Tenno will come across in the game, the first time that you will see this sniper rifle is when going up … Read more

MK1-Strun (Guide & Best Builds)

The MK1-Strun is the standard issue shotgun for all the Tenno, it is most likely the shotgun that most new players in Warframe will use. It is one of the first weapons … Read more

Cedo Guide & Best Builds

There is an old Orokin saying of “the apple doesn’t fall too farm from the tree” and when using the Cedo, the signature weapon of the Warframe Lavos, this saying is too … Read more

Proboscis Cernos Guide & Best Builds

The Proboscis Cernos is a scourging pandemic to its enemies.  Its shear brutality and virulence make it an absolute plague of a bow that combines the hostility, adaptability, and hostility of the … Read more