Redeemer Prime (Guide & Best Builds)

When you directly upgrade Redeemer in Warframe, you get Redeemer Prime, the Primed version. This weapon was released at the same time as Mesa Prime and Akjagara Prime. The weapon mainly causes … Read more

Velox Builds Guide

The Velox is a secondary weapon that got introduced into the game with Update 28. It is also the signature weapon of Protea and gains some bonuses if wielded by the 43rd … Read more

Xoris Builds Guide

The Xoris is a melee weapon that was introduced with Update 28. The glaive has a fairly high attack speed, an infinite combo duration and can also be thrown at your enemies, … Read more

Phantasma Builds Guide

Even though the Phantasma looks like a shotgun (and uses shotgun mods), the weapon itself doesn’t play like your standard version of a shotgun. Instead of shooting a few pallets with every … Read more

Astilla Builds Guide

The Astilla is not only a decent shotgun, but also Gara’s signature weapon. The Warframe has a glass theme and so no one should be surprised to learn that the primary weapon … Read more

Rattleguts Build Guide

If you’re looking for a more classic version of the Kitgun you should definitely pick the Rattleguts as your chamber. Playing with it feels very similar to already popular secondary weapons (e.g. … Read more

Tombfinger Build Guide

The Tombfinger seems to be the most discussed Kitgun in the game and while a lot of players love the secondary weapon, there seems to be voices that really don’t like the … Read more

Gaze Builds Guide

The Gaze is one of four Kitgun chambers and as such defines the way you’re going to build and use your secondary weapon. It features innate Radiation damage as well as some … Read more

Catchmoon Build Guide

The Catchmoon is widely seen as the best Kitgun chamber, even though the other three versions are fine picks as well. It features innate Heat and Impact damage as well as Punch … Read more

Argonak Builds Guide

The Argonak is an assault rifle, developed by the Grineer and now used by your own Tenno hands. The rifle does have the special ability to highlight enemies in range, which makes … Read more