Acceltra Builds Guide

Have you ever dreamed about a micro-missile launcher with a really good fire rate, small(ish) explosions with a high crit chance, and all that on top of an easy way to acquire said weapon? Then get yourself an Acceltra and start shooting … Read more

Quatz Builds Guide

The Quatz is a very unique weapon, simply because of the fact that you don’t have to switch between the two different fire modes by using your alternative fire button. Instead you either use hip-fire for the very fast automatic mode with … Read more

Boar Prime Builds Guide

The Boar Prime is one of the oldest primed weapons in the game and features a very good status chance, which allows a 100% status chance and therefor is great against a wide range of units and even useful in different boss … Read more

Zhuge Prime Builds Guide

The Zhuge Prime is a great weapon and not only features a good fire rate, a very high base chance, great Slash damage and a good combination of critical damage and status chance, but also falls under the category ‘bows’, which makes … Read more

Akbolto Prime Builds Guide

While the primed version of the Akbolto does have a lower base damage and even a slower fire rate than it’s normal version, choosing the Akbolto Prime as your secondary weapon is always a great choice. The pistol does have the highest … Read more

Zarr Builds Guide

The Zarr does not only look like a big, mobile canon, but also does play like one: You can choose to either fire a single, explosive cannonball or switch to the barrage mode and kill your enemies with a shotgun. While the … Read more

Tonkor Builds Guide

The Tonkor is one of the best examples how weapons and the meta change over time. This grenade launcher used to be the go-to primary weapon and for a lot of people the strongest choice in killing big groups of mobs. Sadly, … Read more

Spectra Vandal Builds Guide

While the Spectra weapon has been a part of Warframe for a long time, its successor (the Cyanex) took a while to be implemented into the game. At the same time Digital Extremes also introduced the Spectra Vandal, which features a higher … Read more

Komorex Builds Guide

With the introduction of Amalgam units and mods in the game it was not really a question ‘if’ an amalgam weapon would be integrated into Warframe, but ‘when’ and ‘how’. Well, the answer is called ‘Komorex’ and not only uses Sentient technology, … Read more

Euphona Prime Builds Guide

As the designated signature weapon of the primed Banshee Warframe, Euophona Prime brings a lot of damage as a sidearm as well as two different fire modes. As the first standalone primed secondary weapon (and the fourth standalone primed weapon overall) it … Read more