Akarius Builds Guide

The Akarius is a Dual Pistol, which shoots several homing rockets with an explosion radius of five meters. It is also the signature weapon of Gauss and brings a very high status … Read more

Acceltra Builds Guide

Have you ever dreamed about a micro-missile launcher with a really good fire rate, small(ish) explosions with a high crit chance, and all that on top of an easy way to acquire … Read more

Quatz Builds Guide

The Quatz is a very unique weapon, simply because of the fact that you don’t have to switch between the two different fire modes by using your alternative fire button. Instead you … Read more

Boar Prime Builds Guide

The Boar Prime is one of the oldest primed weapons in the game and features a very good status chance, which allows a 100% status chance and therefor is great against a … Read more

Zhuge Prime Builds Guide

The Zhuge Prime is a great weapon and not only features a good fire rate, a very high base chance, great Slash damage and a good combination of critical damage and status … Read more

Akbolto Prime Builds Guide

While the primed version of the Akbolto does have a lower base damage and even a slower fire rate than it’s normal version, choosing the Akbolto Prime as your secondary weapon is … Read more

Zarr Builds Guide

The Zarr does not only look like a big, mobile canon, but also does play like one: You can choose to either fire a single, explosive cannonball or switch to the barrage … Read more

Tonkor Builds Guide

The Tonkor is one of the best examples how weapons and the meta change over time. This grenade launcher used to be the go-to primary weapon and for a lot of people … Read more

Spectra Vandal Builds Guide

While the Spectra weapon has been a part of Warframe for a long time, its successor (the Cyanex) took a while to be implemented into the game. At the same time Digital … Read more

Komorex Builds Guide

With the introduction of Amalgam units and mods in the game it was not really a question ‘if’ an amalgam weapon would be integrated into Warframe, but ‘when’ and ‘how’. Well, the … Read more