Arca Plasmor Builds Guide

The Arca Plasmor is classified as a shotgun, but to be fair the primary weapon does feel like it’s own kind. Shooting out pulses of plasma instead of the normal shotgun pallets does bring some great advantages over other shotguns: Getting status … Read more

Dera Vandal Builds Guide

The Dera assault rifle is already a good primary weapon, known for its fast fire rate and high accuracy without any recoil. The Dera Vandal is based on all that, but also features a higher status chance, more critical damage and better … Read more

Kohm Builds Guide

The Grineer shotgun Kohm can be acquired pretty early in the game, which makes it a very interesting primary weapon for a lot of newer players. But even later on a lot of people still pick the Kohm from time to time … Read more

Soma Prime Builds Guide

With the Soma Prime, Warframe had one of it’s first golden primed weapons. The typical look came with Soma Prime’s release in 2014 and quickly became well known and standard for other primed weapons. Even though two years later the assault rifle … Read more

Amprex Builds Guide

The Amprex is one of the better weapons in the game and very easy to get: All you have to do is join a clan with the research done (or build up a whole clan on your own!) and buy the blueprint … Read more

Nikana Prime Builds Guide

Since the end of 2017 the Nikana Prime is sealed in the Prime Vault, making it really hard to obtain the different parts needed to craft the great melee weapon. You can still buy sets or parts from players ingame, but farming … Read more

Vaykor Hek Builds Guide

If you look at different weapon tier lists, one weapon that you almost always find is the Vaykor Hek. This shotgun is a syndicate variant of the Hek and can be acquired from Steel Meridian with 125.000 standing or bought from players … Read more

Opticor Builds Guide

The Opticor is one of the strongest weapons in the game and can deal a huge amount of damage in just one single shot. The laser cannon is a charged weapon, so you need to adapt to that play stile and get … Read more

Tigris Prime Builds Guide

When Digital Extreme released the Tigris Prime in 2016, the shotgun quickly became one of the most used weapons in the game. The primed Tigris has the highest base damage of any non-Archwing weapon in the game and convinces with high slash … Read more