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There is an old Orokin saying of “the apple doesn’t fall too farm from the tree” and when using the Cedo, the signature weapon of the Warframe Lavos, this saying is too far off from the truth.

The Cedo is a mastery 8 shotgun that is the signature weapon of the Warframe Lavos, and like most signature weapons it has built in utility with the Warframe.

For the case of Lavos the Cedo gets automatic shotgun ammo mutation when you are using the Warframe Lavos with it, this means that no matter what ammo type drops it will always be transmuted to the shotgun ammo that the Cedo uses.

This serves to cement the fact that the Cedo is the perfect primer for Lavos’s ability to apply almost every status in the game and you will see why.

The Cedo itself can be broken into two parts, its initial fire of being your standard fully automatic shotgun that shoots buckshot rounds with higher-than-average crit chance.

More About Cedo

When considering the Cedos primary fire the ability that makes this shotgun truly a gem among its peers is its passive of doing increased damage with each individual status affect affecting the enemy.

With Lavos’s ability to apply multiple status effects to a group of enemies the true worth of the Cedo is not just fully realized, but also fully utilized.

Although the question might go through your head of “you can’t always take Lavos when using the Cedo, or what happens if you don’t have Lavos and you got the Cedo”? While that is a very good question it is also answered by the Cedo’s alternate fire.

The Cedo’s alternate fire consist of a glaive that fires out and explodes dealing massive status damage to enemies and proccing the modded status chance and therefore amplifying the Cedo’s passive ability.

The primary fire of the Cedo only does the standard damage type and has no other innate elemental types.

This means that it either does the standard damage types of slash, impact and puncture, but in the case of the Cedo it only does puncture on the base damage but can be affected by status mod’s such as sweeping serration.

When using the Cedo without the additional mods the primary fire will always do puncture damage.

Now for the alternate fire there are two parts to it, the glaive projectile does base slash damage and is affected by status chance mods and multishot, meaning that not only can the glaive proc status, but you can also fire multiple glaives that have their own bounce and travel direction.

The final part is the glaive explosion that triggers after the glaive bounces off an enemy or a wall, and this explosion has a very high base status chance of 50 percent, not to mention does base blast damage so that will stagger enemies upon being hit.

The high crit chance and crit multiplier of the primary fire combined with the high status of the alternate fire makes the Cedo’s an alchemically perfect answer to the age old problem that is the enemies of the Tenno.

How & Where To Get Cedo?

When it comes to the acquisition of the Cedo it is tricky, with a mastery rank of 8 the Cedo comes across as a relatively easy weapon to get but there is a catch. To get the Cedo you will need access to the heart of Deimos open world.

Not to mention you must reach rank 4 with the Entrati family to acquire the main blueprint of the Cedo, and then to add insult to injury rank 5 is needed to buy its individual components.

To get these ranks will take several days if you are motivated not just because of the time requirements, but also the fact that you can only ever get 20k standing per day for the Entrati family, and then the items required to rank up which will take even more time.

Don’t be fooled by its relatively low mastery rank, surviving the basic missions in Deimos will require you to have access to good weapons, Warframes, and companions meaning that by the time you even consider getting the Cedo you will be well above the mastery 8 requirement for the weapon.

When it comes to building it the most annoying part is that it requires prebuilt forma to build which is annoying because of how important they are in general.

Main Characteristics

1) Primary fire

As a member of the Shotgun class of weapons in Warframe, the Cedo uses shotgun ammo and shotgun mods. Like most weapons it also does the base damage type of slash, impact, or puncture, but in this case does only puncture without any added mods.

It has average accuracy for a shotgun meaning that you will have to get close to fully utilize its damage, and has a innate punch through meaning that each shot will go through several enemies per fire.

Its crit chance and crit multiplier are quite high allowing for a variety of builds because remember the initial damage types of weapons like slash are considered status types for the game meaning that a full-on slash build would still mean that you are benefiting from the weapons ability to do extra damage to enemies based on this.

Another factor to consider with the primary fire is the fact that the shots are “Hit scan”, this means that as long as the reticule of the Cedo lines up with an enemy and there are enemies in the travel path of the projectile, it will hit an enemy although this is liable to factors such as distance between the enemies because of damage falloff.

2) Alternate fire

A unique thing about the Cedo is the fact that it is pretty much two weapons in one, it is a high crit shotgun with an exploding glaive attached to it.

This glaive bounces up to 11 times and before each bounce explodes when it comes into contact with an enemy or surface.

It is affected by multi shot meaning that you can fire multiple glaives at once, and it is also a Hit scan like the standard shots but before you can fire again you have to wait for the first glaive you shot to return back too you.

3) Explosion

The finale of the Cedo’s damage is the huge status explosion, this explosion takes on any extra status type that is applied to the weapon.

When the glaive comes into contact with an enemy or a surface it explodes dealing base blast damage without any other status mods then bounces up to 10 more times after the first bounce meaning that there can be up to 11 in total.

This explosion has a range of 6m and can proc several times on a group of enemies if you are in a tight space.

Advantages of Cedo

The Cedo has a plethora of advantages that make it a must have for every single tenno. Despite its pre-determined synergy with Lavos, it also has synergy with a plethora of other Warframes that can proc status effects consistently. 

Warframes like Nidus, Saryn, Ember or Frost are just a few to name not to mention that with its base puncture damage it is very effective against enemy armour.

Even if you don’t want to fully commit to the status build the high crit chance and crit multiplier of the Cedo means that you can easily run a crit and slash build and still benefit from its passive.

It has one of the highest multi shots out of all the shotguns in the game with a multi shot of 6 pellets each with 0.8-meter punch through.

Although the biggest positive for the Cedo with its primary fire is the fact that for each unique status it does 60 percent bonus damage on the enemy.

Now for the alternate fire it has its own set of advantages, firstly its high slash means that enemies that don’t have armour are going to suffer.

It has a base status chance of 50 percent and with minimal status mods, you can get this to over 100 percent status meaning that you will always proc the equipped status type, the explosions, and a number of glaives that are fired from the weapon scale with multishot meaning that that you can release multiple glaives.

In the 6 meter radius of the explosion, there is no damage fall off not to mention it has a very high magazine size of 40 meaning that there is very minimal interruptions and it comes with two Madurai polarities meaning that you don’t have to spend as much forma to fit good mods on the weapon.

Disadvantages of Cedo

Now despite the fact that I have praised the Cedo so highly, it should be noted that the weapon itself does come with some negatives that could be a deal breaker for a lot of people.

The first is that you have to, and I mean absolutely have to have some sort of status type on the enemy to fully benefit from this weapon.

Without multiple status proc’s the damage of the Cedo goes from one of the highest in the game to mediocre incredibly quickly.

This is due to the fact that it has one of the lowest base damages out of all the shotguns in the game but makes up for this with its unique passive that scales with the amount of unique status proc’s on the enemy.

Because the primary fire can also only do puncture you have to rely on the glaive for slash proc’s and with the travel time of the glaive this can quickly lead to a bad situation.

Even if you are in a closed space you still have to be carful with the explosion of the glaive, because it can bounce randomly and explode with each bounce.

If it does bounce near to you it can cause you to get staggered mid combat, so you would need to pay attention to where the glaive is flying or it can cause issues for you.

Best Cedo Builds

What about Cedo builds? Here are some of the best!

1) Standard Crit Build (Status 3 Forma)

This is a standard 3 forma build for the Cedo. It is fairly inexpensive to build and  because of the high status on the glaive, this build focuses on trying to get as many crits as possible while still applying heat damage for the armour reduction to Synergize with its high base puncture damage.

Overall this build is good, but it could be better while fire rate is a must-have on this weapon we could easily get more out of this weapon by commit more forma to it and further improving on it.

2) Endurance Run Crit Build (Status 3 Forma)

This build like the previous one is more for endurance runs, yes the critical deceleration reduces the fire rate of the weapon, but it does give 80 % more crit chance than laser sight.

And as long as you keep getting kills shrapnel shot will give you 99 % crit damage, meaning that in the long run this build does more damage than the previous build, but for short missions, it is probably best to stick with the previous build.

3) Standard Status Beginner Build (Status 7 Forma)

This is the build that I recommend most people go with because while the previous build does work, it could work better and that’s what this build aims to achieve.

Because the glaive will always proc the built status effect it is preferable to try and get as much beneficial status on it as you can this build does that by using the status mods toxin Barrage and frigid blast increasing the base status by 140%.

It should be noted that the Shotgun Spazz isn’t a must but more of a preference for me and you can easily switch it out for another status mod of your choice.

4) Endgame Endurance Crit Build (Status 6 Forma)

This build fully utilizes the crit chance of the Cedo but also takes advantage of its high status on its alternate fire.

It ops to go for full fire rate and crit chance while removing some of the damage mods for things like hunter munitions which gives you more slash, which in the Cedo’s case = more damage.

This is more of an endurance build as it utilizes vigilante supplies to make sure you don’t run out of ammo and galvanized hell and savvy so you don’t fall off and scale with the amount of enemies killed.

5) Endgame Endurance Status Build (Status 4 Forma)

This build is what I would personally go with as I care more about the status proc’s and the fire rate could easily be fixed with arcanes.

The Galvanized savvy ensures that for each enemy killed you get more status, Galvanized Hell means that for each enemy killed you get more multishot and the Galvanized acceleration means that the projectile speed of your Glaive will just keep increasing as you go on.

Although the one issue with this build is that it is very expensive in terms of endo (not to mention you could easily run out of ammo).

So it is recommended you bring a Warframe or companion that can fix that.

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