Condition Overload Warframe Guide

If you are looking for tips on how to use Condition Overload mod in Warframe, you came to the right place! This melee mod gives extra damage that is based on how many unique status effects are currently on the target.

The bonus damage the mod gives you stacks up with other damage mods like Spoiled Strike and Pressure Point to increase melee damage.

Condition Overload Ranks

Your rank affects the effect and cost as follows:

  • Rank 0: +20% effect and 10 cost
  • Rank 1: +40% effect and 11 cost
  • Rank 2: +60% effect and 12 cost
  • Rank 3: +80% effect and 13 cost
  • Rank 4: +100% effect and 14 cost
  • Rank 5: +120% effect and 15 cost

Total damage is calculated like this:

Base Damage × [1 + Damage Mods + (N x Condition Overload Multiplier) × (Elemental Mods + 1)

N is how many unique status effects that currently affect the enemy.

Condition Overload Basics

When 2 status effects are applied to one target, the mod offers more base damage than both Pressure Point and Primed Pressure Point.

With builds that don’t have much mod room you might want to get rid of Pressure Point and get Condition Overload instead. This is especially true for status oriented melees.

The bonus damage from a new status effect won’t be applied to the hit that inflicted it. Only subsequent strikes will be amplified.

Gunblades’ pellets will hit consecutively, meaning you can’t amplify them with other pellets of the same shot.

Status procs can come from any source including both secondary and primary weapons, as well as Warframe abilities, other players, companions, and the environment.

The following all count for this mod:

  • Viral
  • Radiation
  • Lifted (from Melee Heavy Attacks)
  • Impact
  • Heat
  • Puncture
  • Magnetic
  • Gas
  • Void
  • Cold
  • Slash
  • Electricity
  • Corrosive
  • Blast

Nukor and Kuva Nukor have a special invisible status known as Microwave to any enemy touched by its beam. These procs have an infinite duration.

Knockdown still counts as a status although it won’t cause any icon on the enemy. Abilities or conditions which prevent knockdowns stop it from increasing damage.

Knockdown and Lifted cancel one another out, so the most status effects applied to an enemy will be 16.

Status effects from Gas and Electricity give radial damage around the main target. This makes them good when facing crowds.

This radial damage benefits from the primary target’s damage bonus. However it won’t count toward bonus damage on hits afterwards on secondary targets.

Condition Overload Tips Worth Knowing

  • It’s best to use melee weapons with a high attack speed and high base status chance as well as physical damage types such as Glaive Prime or Lesion to get the highest distinct status procs amount.
  • Use weapons with a high effect area or fire rate that have innate elemental status for complementary ranged weapons. This includes Pox or Staticor.
  • Alternate Fire from Cedo will innately proc Cold, Electricity, Heat, Blast, and Toxin in an affected area along with Slash from direct projectile contact.
  • Some Warframes inflict damage type and/or status to a weapon attack like Saryn, Equinox, Ember, or Volt, for example.
  • Lavos’s passive means he can spread more than one status type with his abilities.
  • Sentinels along with their weapons are extra sources for these status effects:
    • Diriga’s Arc Coil and also Electro Pulse will cause Electricity procs.
    • Prime Sweeper is able to proc statuses including on multiple enemies who have multishot and increased spread.
    • Any attack from Artax will proc Cold. This also slows down enemies.
    • You can apply two status effects with Cryotra’s beam.
  • Some weapons can wield up to six different effects at the same time.
    • These are Keratinos, Pathocyst, Tatsu, Caustacyst, Plague Kripath, and Plague Keewar Zaws.
    • The effects are Magnetic and Radiation, along with secondary components Radiation, Viral and Corrosive.
  • Condition Overload can be tricky to farm but just continue with Deimos Bounties and killing creatures like Thrashers which can drop the mod.

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