Credit Farming Guide (Best Ways To Get Credits)

It is critical to have a reliable credit source in early, middle and late game, when playing Warframe. You are going to need credits in your foundry for everything you want to build.

You also need them to trade Platinum and to purchase items from Baro Ki’Teer. There are a number of methods you can use to get sufficient credits.

There are different strategies to use depending how far you are into the game.

Method #1: Daily First Win Bonus

Credit Farming Warframe - Daily First Win
Credit Farming Warframe – Daily First Win

This is the first mission of the day after you get your Daily Tribute. You will get double credits for this. Choose a high credit, short mission for this, perhaps a solo run of one extractor on Pluto (Hieracon).

It will only take a few minutes for a single extractor and also traveling time, but you will get 50,000 credits for it.

If you haven’t been playing that long and cannot yet get to Hieracon, pick another mission in Dark Sector for your first daily mission.

Cholistan on Europa or Gabii on Ceres don’t yield quite as much credits but are still worth doing. Do the minimum of what is needed to complete the mission then leave.

If you are later in the game, you can plan a mission based on the Daily First Win Bonus.

Choose the final sortie mission as your first of the day and you can earn 100,000 credits. In Phase 4 there is a Profit Taker Fight, which is great for veteran players. You will be able to get 250,000 credits for completing this.

You need the right setup for Profit Taker, along with plenty of experience. However, it can be done in just 10 minutes.

Method #2: Credit Farming in Dark Sectors (Early-Game)

When you can only visit early star chart game planets, you have more limited credit farming options. However you still have some options until you can get to Neptune.

You can earn 12,000 credits for Tikal’s (Earth’s) excavating mission.

You can leave right after just one excavator. Gabii on Ceres rewards 20,000 credits for the 5-minute survival mission.

Hieracon on Pluto is the best Dark Sector, because you can earn 24,000 credits in 3 or 4 minutes with one excavator.

Method #3: The Index Credit Farming (Mid-Game)

Credit Farming Warframe - The Index
Credit Farming Warframe – The Index

You can begin playing the Corpus areas, known as ‘The Index’, when you get to Neptune. This popular credit farming location attracts mid-game players and also late-game ones.

You bet on who will win a match. Tough enemies mean higher bets but also the potential of higher wins.

Low, medium and high are the difficulty levels you get on The Index. You bet 30,000 credits on low risk and, if you win, you get 105,000 back. Medium risk means betting 40,000 with a possibility of a 175,000 credit win.

High risk means betting 50,000 credits and the possibility of winning 250,000. If you don’t win, you lose the credits that you bet.

You need to defeat the enemy team in The Index arena by choosing glowing diamonds which are left behind by killed enemies. Bring the diamonds to your marked bank to get index points.

You have to score 50 points at low risk, 75 at medium and 100 at high risk, within a specific time limit. You get another 10 seconds on the timer for every point you score.

Multiple index points score you bonus index points. Picking up index points and carrying them will reduce your health substantially though.

You will lose energy all the time and you’re unable to use the energy reserves. Enemies won’t drop ammo and you can’t bring a companion with you to the arena.

To get health orbs, ammo and energy orbs you have to depend completely on fixed locations.

High risk index missions yield the best reward, but the low and medium risk ones are much shorter. This enables you to run several missions back to back and not risk losing credits or burning yourself out.

Enemies you find in The Index are specialized. They are Corpus enemy types, carrying a shield in front of their alloy armor. Bring weapons which can penetrate both items to inflict damage.

Use sniper rifles like Vulkar Wraith or Rubico Prime, along with very damaging shotguns like Vaykor Hek, Corinth or Arca Plasmor. Cold and Radiation are the most basic combo for these enemies.

Rhino modded for duration and high power strength is one of the simplest warframe options for The Index. His Roar will magnify the damage you cause while his Iron Skin can protect you from losing too much health.

Consider also bringing a high strength and duration Nova (Slowa) to use Molecular Prime and slow down the enemies. Trinity, Mesa, Ash and Nezha can also be helpful.

Once you settle on a weapon and warframe for the Index, it isn’t hard to make credits.

Method #4: Profit Taker Credit Farming (Late-Game)

Credit Farming Warframe - Profit Taker Orb
Credit Farming Warframe – Profit Taker Orb

The biggest source of credits in Warframe is 125,000 when you defeat Profit-Taker Orb located on Fortuna. If you do this as the first daily mission using an active credit booster, you can get 500,000 credits.

If you happen to be lucky using Chroma’s Effigy, you might even get 1,000,000 credits!

This is a late-game strategy and you have to have the Old Mate rank with Solaris United to even attempt it. You also need a modded archgyn with installed Gravimag. It is Phase Four of the Profit Taker Heist bounty phases.

Also called the ‘knockdown simulator’, the Profit-Taker Orb fight has a lot of Corpus enemies attacking your warframe as you attempt to take the big boss down.

This fight is split into four phases that need you to take shields down, use the Gravimag archgun to destroy the boss and shoot pylons.

This is a unique challenge for the reason the Profit-Taker Orb’s shield is only vulnerable to one elemental damage type at once for a short time, before you need a new damage type.

You can change to a new elemental shield weakness here, by shooting it with your operator. You need to bring as many elemental combos to this fight as you can, since the elemental damage types are randomized.

Right now the best way to fight is to bring with you a Chroma Prime (ice) with plenty of power strength, as well as the adaptation mod, knockdown recover and plenty of power duration.

Use Vex Armor and Elemental Ward while shooting with your strongest damage inflictors in melee, secondary and primary, at the orb.

The entire fight is at a Warframe veteran level, because you need a good understanding of modding, along with a lot of primed mods, rivens and arcanes.

Method #5: Use the Credit Booster

Credit Farming Warframe - Credit Booster
Credit Farming Warframe – Credit Booster

A credit booster doubles every mission’s credit rewards in Warframe. There are four other boosters you can use in the game but this one is especially worthwhile.

It doesn’t affect credit drops such as bounty rewards or sabotage containers, but will double all other farmed credit.

Using a credit booster on the day’s first mission means you get four times the credits. So if you do a Hieracon run in 3 or 4 minutes first thing during the day you can make 100,000 credits from that.

If you play the day’s first mission on a double credits weekend using a credit booster you can make 8 times the credits. Credit boosters enable you to passible farm a good amount of credits.

Get a credit booster from the market using Platinum. 40p gets you a 3-day booster and it’s handy over the weekend. 80p gets you a 7-day booster and this is good if you have plenty of playing time.

200 Platinum gets you a 30-day booster, but that’s only worth it if you have the time to play Warframe on a daily basis.

A short term credit booster might also drop from Reinforced Containers or as a Daily Tribute. Sometimes you can find a 3-day booster at Baro Ki’Teer. Prime Accessories offers a 90-day version.

Buying a booster while your current one is still active just means the time is added on.

Method #6: Hidden Credits in the Inventory

Maybe you have some credits hiding in your Warframe inventory. You can sell duplicate blueprint parts for 3,500 credits, and if you farm for specific warframes you are likely to get duplicates.

Some parts might drop when you do missions one after the other, such as Oberon parts from an eximus unit or Harrow chassis you get from a fissure mission.

Credit Farming Warframe - Sell Harrow Chassis
Credit Farming Warframe – Sell Harrow Chassis

You can sell these along with any other duplicates you happen to have in your inventory. Get to the inventory by pressing ESC then Equipment then Inventory.

You might also find weapon blueprints such as Gorgon or Boar which are duplicates for you. If you do flood missions or Kuva siphon, you will get plenty of Orvius parts from Jesters and Kuva Guardians.

These sell for 2,500 credits each. You will have Antiserum Injections if you’ve previously farmed Nidus parts, which can be sold.

These are found in the Miscellaneous section of your inventory. You can also just look for blueprints to see what you have duplicated, or unused warframe or weapon blueprints you have.

Add all copies of one item to your sales pile by using the center mouse button. So the next time you happen to get an Oberon part or Harrow chassis, you know it means 3,500 credits when you sell it.

Method #7: Duplicate Mod Selling

Credit Farming Warframe - Sell Mods
Credit Farming Warframe – Sell Duplicate Mods

Sell your duplicate mods for credits from your mod station. This is a quick way to earn credits, and you will get:

  • 200 credits for a common (bronze) mod
  • 500 credits for an uncommon (blue) mod
  • 1,000 credits for a rare (gold) mod

You can sell fully charged (black) requiem mods for 50,000 or defiled ones for 25,000. Don’t sell legendary (platinum/silver) mods or riven (violet) molds for credits.

You can sort your mods into duplicates in the mod station, for an easier selling process. Use the middle mouse button to add all the duplicates to your sales pile and then press ‘Sell for Credits’.

Method #8: Indirectly Trade Credits With Other Players

Credits don’t appear on the list of tradable things, so you can’t trade them directly. If you trade Requiem mods though, you can exchange credits.

A fully charged Requiem mod will sell for 50,000 credits, or a defiled one (with no charges remaining) for 25,000 credits.

Do this and you can earn 300,000 credits in one trade, by selling six fully charged mods.

Method #9: Other Places To Farm Credits

Are you worried about burnout on repeating the same missions to farm credits? There are mid-game and late-game alternatives available, although neither is as effective as Profit-Taker Orb or The Index. You can still make a reasonable amount of credits however.

Arbitrations is a mission that changes every hour, and needs you to fight shield drone-protected high-level enemies. You have to complete every star chart mission node before you can play Arbitrations.

Credit Farming Warframe - Arbitrations
Credit Farming Warframe – Arbitrations

You will get 50,000 credits as well as anything the enemies drop during the mission. You can get 100,000 to 200,000 credits if you combine this with a Daily First Win bonus and/or a credit booster.

Another alternative is Laomedeia, the Disruption node found on Neptune. You can earn 30,000 credits for each of the two rounds. Round three gives you a 95% likelihood of getting 50,000 for each round as long as you defend all four of the conduits.

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