Dual Pack Give-Away

For the first time ever both Valkyr Prime and Saryn Prime are leaving the primed vault together with their signature weapons and some really cools cosmetics. For a short time you have the chance not only to farm these items yourself, but also buy the great prime packs and support the developers. If you’re looking for more information on the unvaulting and where to farm all the relics needed, head over to the news. If you’re here for the give-away, keep on reading.

Together with Digital Extremes we are giving away the big Saryn And Valkyr Dual Pack, which includes a lot of different items as well as Platinum. You can find more about the pack further down this article.

The Rules

  • In order to participate in the give-away you need to leave a comment with your preferred platform. Also make sure to use an email address so we can send you one if you are the lucky winner.
  • If you are the winner, you don’t need to name your own account. If you want a friend or clan mate to have it, just name that account name.
  • You have 72 hours to respond to our email if you are the winner. Otherwise someone else will get the pack, so make sure to check your spam folder from time to time!
  • The give-away is for every platform (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch).
  • The give-away ends on September 22, 2019 at 23:59 CEST.

The Dual Pack

Of course you need to know what you might be able to win. Here is what you get if you win the Saryn And Valkyr Dual Pack:

  • 1.200 Platinum
  • Saryn Prime
  • Valkyr Prime
  • Chordalla Prime
  • Cernos Prime
  • Venka Prime
  • Nikana Prime
  • Spira Prime
  • Liset Prime
  • Saita Prime Operator Suit
  • Cycuta Prime Syandana
  • Cycuta Prime Sigil
  • Valkyr Prime Glyphs
  • Saryn Prime Glyphs

You can also buy this pack (and many more) on your own. Head over to the offical post and check out the different packs or just use the ingame market to look at the packs and buy them!

283 thoughts on “Dual Pack Give-Away”

  1. PC is my only platform. I am very new to warframe, that’s why comes to this site often for guides and howto. awesome giveaway. donot know how you are giving it away. thank you

  2. My preferred platform is the PC!! I’ve been gone for a year and a half and I’d love to win as a way to kickstart me back into this beautiful game!!

  3. *insert Darvo voice*

    “Hey there Tenno, interested in a dual pack Deal?”

    Coming soon to my preferred platform, PC! That is, if I win this give away…

  4. Can’t wait to try out the new Saint of Altra update when I get off work for the weekend. Nice to see a free to play game getting so much updates.

    For the giveaway. I play on PC.

  5. Preffered platform is PC.

    I discovered this site recently and it’s realy cool ! Keep up the good work !

    Ang good luck to everyone participating !

  6. Thank you for the guides I’ve been using them (or at least trying) hope every one has fun and be safe. Also my only platform is X Box One. Thank you. Sincerely an Xbox player with a childish name.

  7. I would prefer the Nintendo Switch,
    It’s great when I get the Warframe itch,
    My favorite game that makes me twitch,
    The story and lore are very enriched,
    So thanks much for the contest you have pitched…


  8. My Preferred plat for Warframe is PC.

    Im running on a bit of low spec laptop. And the game still looks amazing. Game blows mind. Another A+. No toxic players!


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