Endo Farming Guide – Best Places To Farm Endo in 2021

Endo is a very important resource in Warframe and is used to upgrade all the different mods you can find. Finding some low amounts of Endo is pretty easy, because it does drop from enemies all around the solar system and can even be obtained as a reward for different missions.

Getting a lot of Endo however isn’t as easy and involves a lot of grinding in the right missions. Finding those – especially if you are still new to the game – can be problematic and especially during the early stages of the game it is very hard to find a reliable source of Endo income.

This guide will try to help out everyone – from the new Tenno to the veteran player. So while some of these methods will yield a higher amount of Endo, they are oftentimes not a viable source for newish accounts.

That said, there are a lot of different possibilities to gain Endo, even during the first hundred hours of the game.

Where to farm Endo? Best Places To Farm

Let’s dive right in and start this guide with all the missions, ideas and methods that will result in you having more Endo – and there are a lot of these. Usually it is also a good idea to farm Endo every time you get the chance, because you will need a lot of it.

So if you are trying to get a few mods up to their maximum rank or to complete a Warframe build, you should think about the following ideas on how to farm Endo:

Dissolve duplicate mods:

This is a very nice way to get a lot of Endo and honestly somehow a lot of people totally forget about it. You can dissolve mods at your modding station (common mods are worth 5 Endo, uncommon mods are worth 10 and rare mods are worth 15 Endo – never ever dissolve your primed mods).

At some point you will have hundreds or thousands of duplicates from just one mod.

Sell Ayatan Sculptures:

There are different ways to get Ayatan Sculptures – from doing the weekly quest on Maroo’s Bazaar (on Mars) to finding them randomly in a mission or getting them as a reward from Sorties or Arbitrations missions you can quickly get a lot of sculptures.

If you use your Ayatan Amber Stars and your Ayatan Cyan Stars and put those into the sculptures you can easily sell each of those for a few thousand Endo.

Just go to Maroo’s Bazaar, talk to Maroo and sell your sculptures to her!

Arbitrations missions:

The best way to farm Endo is doing the Arbitrations missions. You almost always get either Endo or an Ayatan Sculpture as a reward for each round, so you can quickly gain thousands of Endo.

To join Arbitrations missions you need to clear the whole star chart first (at least complete every node once!), so this isn’t really a good way for new player to farm Endo.

But once you are able to run these your Endo income will explode!

Excavation rewards:

Another pretty fast way to get some Endo is running high level Excavation missions, namely on Cholistan (Europa), Despina (Neptune) and Hieracon (Pluto).

The A Rotation (so every first and second excavator of every four excavations you finish) will give you a 25% chance to get 400 Endo.

If you find yourself a good team and open two excavators at the same time you will get some good amount of Endo plus all the other great drops you can get here as a reward!

Rathuum Arena:

Farming Vodyanoi (Sedna) has the potential to be an even better Endo source than the Arbitration missions if you can find a perfectly equipped group.

Usually you want one or two Nidus and fill the rest of the group with Nekros Warframes. Combine these with a weapon with high amounts of slash damage (Tigris Prime and Kohm are often used here) to get the highest amount of Endo drops possible.

That said, the margin of failure is oftentimes pretty high and without a group that knows exactly what to do it is usually better to just run Arbitration missions.

You should also know about the Legendary Core, a super rare item (0.5% drop chance) that can only be rewarded by completing Sorties. This item will maximize any mod from rank zero to the max rank.

While it technically doesn’t give you any Endo, you will be able to save up to 40.920 Endo if you use the Legendary Core on an unranked prime mod.

Endo Farming Guide
Sell all your Ayatan Sculptures for a lot of Endo.

More ways to farm Endo in 2021

A very important piece of information about Endo is that while Endo technically works like a resource, it isn’t in the same category as all the normal resources you can find in Warframe.

Instead it does work like a mod, meaning that a resource booster will not double the amount of Endo you pick up and a resource drop chance booster will also not the amount of Endo you can get per mission.

There are however some Warframes that might help with that: Nekros’ ‘Desecrate’ ability will force all enemy corpses around him to drop additional loot with a 54% chance, which means you should roughly get 54% more Endo per mission.

If you are using a Pilfering Hydroid or a Pilfering Khora you will get more loot as well, yielding more Endo over time.

Those Warframes will also help you gather more resources, mods and whatever else can be dropped by enemies around you. So playing them and with them is oftentimes a good way to get faster to the resources needed to craft a new weapon or Warframe.

You can also bring a Smeeta Kavat with the ‘Charm’ mod, which does have the chance to give you (and your whole team) the ‘double pickups and affinity’ buff.

It basically works like the double resource booster, but will also double the amount of credits and Endo you get when picking it up during the 120 second long duration.


You will need to get a lot of Endo during your journey through Warframe. Leveling up all mods can be very expensive, so make sure to always have enough credits in your back pocket and maybe give our The Index guide a visit!

Otherwise, also make sure to keep your eyes out for every Endo drop in your missions and follow this guide to increase the amount of Endo you own quickly.

If you think we missed an important information regarding Endo, feel free to leave us a comment!

9 thoughts on “Endo Farming Guide – Best Places To Farm Endo in 2021”

  1. I have been farming sculptures on Mariana solo, I find it is quicker than most other methods… I was doing Heiracon for a while too…

  2. If you use a binomial distribution formula to calculate how likely is it to get a certain number of successes (aka how many times will the Nekros’ ‘Desecrate’ cause double drops) you get that there is a 6% for 50-52% more drops, 7% chance of getting 52-56% more drops, 6% for 57-58% more drops and so on exponentially. well you get the idea your chances of getting anywhere between 41% and 61% more drops are in the 99% probability of happening so if you get very lucky you can even enjoy 71% more drops in 0.2% of cases. this is in a case that only Nekros is on the field buffing drops. in reality we use Khora + 2Nekros + Nidus, or Khora + Nekros + Nidus + Wisp for time efficiency. witch results in 1.5k endo to 3k endo per run(3-5 mins). interesting math of farmers play for free.

  3. Left out railjack missions. Most of the gear you get in any given mission at the higher ranks (MK3 stuff) is 100-200 endo each if you salvage them instead of keeping them.

  4. tier 5 bounties on deimos give 1000 endo if you’re able to handle the mission or just do them on public. Protea or Zephyr make it easy since Zephyr can just use Target Fixation and infinitely stack damage.

  5. tier 5 bounties on deimos give 1000 endo if you’re able to handle the mission or just do them on public. Protea or Zephyr make it easy since Zephyr can just use Target Fixation and infinitely stack damage. You can just leave after the first stage if you’re solo and still get the bounty rewards.


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