Fortuna Rare Resource Farming Guide

Playing through the Fortuna quest lines will give you a lot of fun and also reward you with some prizes – like blueprints parts for the Garuda Warframe.

Crafting those parts is not the most easy thing to do, especially if you are still new to the game and especially new to Fortuna.

You do need a lot of different mining materials, but before you can use everything you got from mining you do need to farm a lot of Solaris United standing.

You also do need to find different rare resources, dropped from enemies all over Orb Vallis.

There are three different Toroid resources you do want to farm:

  • Calda Toroid: To get this item you either search the caves or kill enemies near the Transit Depot or the Enrichment Labs.
  • Sola Toroid: This rare resource can be found in caves or as a drop from enemies near the Temple of Profit.
  • Vega Toroid: You can find this rare resource in caves or by killing enemies near the Spaceport.

Running through caves can be boring, very grindy and you have to be somewhat lucky to find enough rare resources.

But there is a better way to do this and all you have to do is find a dedicated farming group with the right Warframes.

This guide will explain exactly what you need to do and how you maximize your farming capability.

If you are looking for a general resource farming guide outside of Fortuna and Orb Vallis, you can find our take on it here.

Fortuna Farm Tips & Tricks

Going for resource farming on Orb Vallis seems to be pretty straight forward: You run to the different spots and keep on killing enemies.

If you are lucky (and use Resource Drop Booster as well as a good farming group) you’ll get lots of rare resources.

But you can not only change the odds in your favor, but also make sure you’re not running into any problems while farming.

Here are some general ideas you might want to keep in mind:

  • Don’t kill the Reinforcement Beacons: Once at least one beacon was put down by an enemy, let it stay until you reach Alert Level 4. If you are in a 4-man group, getting to Alert Level 4 will make sure that almost infinite enemies are spawning at the farming location, which is very beneficial for farming resources.
  • Use way points to help your team out: Mark dropped rare resources or at least put your marker close to it. Also, if you are the team leader or host, simply press M for a few seconds until the map comes up and use right-click to mark the next spot. That will help you and your team to quickly get to the next farming point.
  • Leave and reset the spots: Once you are at Alert Level 4 the enemies will quickly raise their level. Once you reach level 80+, killing them with your farming group can become quite troublesome. Just switch to the next farming spot and repeat the process there. The enemies will again be at low level and you can switch from spot to spot for a long time.
  • Communicate with your team: Sometimes the spawning rate is very low, sometimes rare resources don’t drop for any kind of reason (a.k.a. Bugframe). Communicate with your team, ask if you want to switch spots or stay a bit longer. Communication is key for the best results.
  • Reset the group: If you decide to stay at one spot for a long time, people will get downed and people will start to die. To reset the 4-death-counter, simply go back to Fortuna and restart your run. There is no need to let people die four times, you can always just reset!
  • Bring boosters: Resource drop chance and resource drop booster are very important for your own farm. While the whole team benefits from a higher resource drop chance, getting double the resources is just very strong and halves the time you need to farm.

If you follow most of these tips and use your brain and common sense, you’re going to be fine. Also tell your team at the start how long you plan to stay and what resources you need most.

Often times people switch spots once enemies reach a certain level or if you found X amount of the rare resource.

Best Warframes for Fortuna Farm

To be fair you could simply pick four DPS Warframes and farm at Alert Level 4 until you are satisfied, but there is a more efficient way to do this.

It involves finding a group of four special Warframes and abusing the power of those.

A group usually looks something like this:

  • Pilfering Hydroid: The great advantage of Hydroid is his augmented mod Pilfering Swarm. Find a good build for your Tentacle Swarm and put a good amount of duration and range on it. You need to recast it a lot, since the enemies won’t spawn at the same spot, but rather in a large area. So always keep an eye on the radar or look for the next spawning point.
  • EV Trinity: Playing an EV Trinity seems simply, because all you have to do is use your second ability to distribute energy and overshields. Also keep an eye on your team (you can use ‘Y’ (on default) to show or hide your team on the screen) and use your ultimate ability to heal if needed. That’s basically it. If you do have time, use your weapon to get some damage in and help out your team!
  • Nekros: Playing with a Nekros is super important in a farming group, since his Desecrate ability will increase the chance to get rare resources by a lot. If you need to block some damage, activate your ultimate ability and use your shadows to get better survivability for a short time.
  • Sonar Banshee: Picking a Banshee as your fourth group member is different from usual farming groups, but you don’t need a speed Nova (or the slow version) at all. A good Sonar build will increase the damage output of your group by a lot and also helps to see incoming enemies on the radar. You can also use your scream to crowd control your enemies for a few seconds!

These four Warframes will give you a very strong composition.

Farming beyond enemy level 80 can become quite hard, but you can always just reset enemy levels by rushing to another farm spot.

If you don’t like Banshee as your last pick, go ahead and try something different. A dedicated DPS might be useful, so find yourself a Saryn or a Mesa (or whatever you like!).

More crowd control can also help, so picking something like a Nyx, a Slow Nova or a CC-Rhino, but that usually does interfere with the Pilfering Hydroid and his Tentacle Swarm.


Farming the rare resources on Fortuna or rather on Orb Vallis can be super annoying, especially if you have to do it alone.

But if you find a dedicated farming group, follow this guide and communicate with your team, you will find a good amount of resources in a short amount of time.

It may take some time to get a feeling for a good farming group, when to switch spots and how to be efficient, but just keep going and eventually you’ll get enough rare resources to craft your Garuda Warframe and increase your reputation with Vox Solaris.

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