Fulmin Builds Guide

The Fulmin was released as Wisp’s signature rifle and not only comes with innate electricity damage, but is also able to work as a shotgun as well as a long range rifle.

If you use the Fulmin on your Wisp Warframe, the switch between normal shotgun mode and the alternate fire mode as a rifle is way faster than on any other Warframe.

Getting your hands on the Fulmin is pretty easy, because you can buy the blueprint in the market for 20.000 Credits.

Crafting the rifle weapon is a little bit more tricky: Besides some Argon Crystals and some more common resources you also need the Hexenon resource, which was released with the update that also brought Wisp, a new assassination target and a complete overhaul of Jupiter into the game.

To farm Hexenon you need to kill enemies on any Jupiter mission, so keep grinding for that!


  • Two different fire modes
  • Innate electricity damage
  • High critical chance
  • Good critical damage
  • Silent shotgun damage output
  • Good status chance


  • Innate electricity damage
  • Shotgun mode has low range
  • Rifle mode with lowish status chance
  • Needs lots of Forma

The Best Fulmin Builds

Generally speaking, the ‘shotgun mode’ on the Fulmin features way better stats than the ‘rifle mode’ and will therefor be way better when it comes to dealing critical or elemental damage.

That said, each ‘shotgun’ shot uses ten bullets, so you will deplete your ammunition battery pretty fast, especially against larger groups of enemies.

Since there is no reload on the Fulmin (instead it works like an Archgun and regenerates ammo over time), you might find yourself in a situation where you need to kill mobs, but you have to wait for enough bullets to regenerate.

Another disadvantage of the ‘shotgun mode’ is the low range, because the damage falloff already starts at ten meters and at 20 meters you already hit your maximum range.

Our builds are usable with both fire modes and in the end it really depends on the situation and your personal play style when it comes down to choosing what mode to prefer.

You should also know that there is no extra bonus damage on head shots if you decide to play the ‘rifle mode’, so you don’t need to aim for the head.

Tip: If you want to know more about the Fulmin and its abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page.

The Hybrid Build

Fulmin Hybrid Build
Fulmin Hybrid Build

This build unites a good amount of critical chance and damage with a higher status chance. There aren’t any surprises here and honestly the only decision you have to make while trying out this build is between using High Voltage and Malignant Force for a higher status chance or picking Stormbringer and Infected Clip for a higher raw damage output.

Of course you don’t have to combine the innate electricity damage with toxin damage and you should always change the elemental damage type depending on the enemies you’re going to meet in your next assignment!

Heavy Caliber is actually a very great addition to the Fulmin, because this weapon features a very good, pinpoint accuracy.

So the reduced accuracy from the mod is barely noticeable, while the higher damage output is very strong. Other than that, this build is simple, but very strong throughout the whole game.

The Hunter Munitions Build

Fulmin Hunter Munitions Build
Fulmin Hunter Munitions Build

Due to the very high critical chance on the Fulmin, bringing a Hunter Munitions into the mix seems very beneficial.

This build features a 89,4% critical chance for the ‘shotgun mode’ and a 83,4% critical chance for the ‘rifle mode’, which means that you have a guarantee to regularly get the procs from Hunter Munitions.

Heavy Caliber is again a really great addition, while Critical Delay is probably the weakest mod in the build. Another great mod to use instead might be Argon Scope or even just a Bladed Rounds.

A disadvantage this build has is that it doesn’t use the innate electricity damage or the good status chance of the Fulmin at all.

So high level Grineer enemies with alloy armor are a big problem, while robotic Corpus mobs can be tougher, too.

In those cases it is probably a good idea to switch to the ‘shotgun mode’ and try to fight those enemies in close range combat – or just use your secondary or melee weapon instead.


The Fulmin is actually a pretty nice weapon and the combination of being a good rifle and a great ‘shotgun’ feels very rewarding.

Depending on your personal play style and the situation you can switch freely between long range or short range efficiency and kill a lot of enemies in a short amount of time.

The fact that the Fulmin doesn’t have a traditional magazine and no reload feels a little bit weird and unusual at first, but after a few runs you will start to adapt.

So get yourself the weapon, craft it and put a few Forma into it, because it is totally worth it!

If you think we missed a build or if you have some additional information to share, feel free to leave us a comment!

7 thoughts on “Fulmin Builds Guide”

    • As far as I understand it, it should be helping and reduce the time between your last shot and the moment the recharge/reload starts. However, mods that trigger on reload (e.g. Spring-Loaded Chamber) are not working.

  1. I can agree with cons….
    – Innate electricity damage – it’s great because one of two elements need for corrosive combo, and the slap 90% electricity mod.
    – Shotgun mode has low range – shotguns have short range. That’s how they works. Low range – great point blank damage
    Rifle mode with lowish status chance – with this fire rate? That’s no problem but I can’t argue on that :/
    Needs lots of Forma – OK, you won this one XD

  2. I’m surprised terminal velocity didn’t make it into the build… for shotgun mode that means longer reach. longer reach and punch through means more dead bodies. please rebuttle if I have the wrong approach.

    • There are two big reason why I wouldn’t play Terminal Velocity: First of all, more range means a bigger spread and in the end you could always just play the rifle mode for more range instead. Secondly, you would need to switch it in for another mod, which means less damage. So you have to ask yourself if you rather have more damage or the chance to hit enemies that a bit farther away.

      So while you could try out Terminal Velocity, I don’t think the advantages are worth it.

  3. I have a few that might help, I have done a set up for mainly those pesky eidolon and the “Chicken boss” for Wisp. It really does help with the innate electric damage it has. As you said Warframe School this gun has a pretty low range when it comes to the shotgun alt. I have switched a few things around since I have some mods none of the other ones yet to truly test out how far it will go

    I have used so far:

    Vigilante Armaments
    Viilante Fervor

    All the Mods are maxed rank.

    I noticed the base fire rate is relatively poor so using shred and fervor increase the fire rate a great deal. Yes, it hurts the ammo til it regenerates, but you can use your abilities to counter this especially if you are a chroma prime. If you think there is a better way to use the mods for this I would like to know too.


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