Gauss Builds Guide

Even though Gauss was named after a famous German mathematician, his abilities and looks rather remind of a racing car and not of the scientist.

The theme of the 41th Warframe is speed, so the racing car idea makes sense. It also makes sense that the unique skill set allows you to increase your running speed, shooting speed, holster speed, reload speed and shield regeneration speed by a lot.

You can even use your ‘Redline’ ability and go into overdrive by supercharging Gauss.

Getting your hands on all the blueprints needed to craft yourself a Gauss is also fairly easy, getting all the crafting components however can be quite a hassle.

If you’re looking on more information on that, switch to our ‘How to get Gauss’ Guide and read through the information there.

But if you’re looking for some build ideas on how to mod your new Warframe, keep on reading!


  • High Shields
  • Good Armor
  • High Sprint Speed
  • Easy to Farm


  • High Crafting Cost
  • Sometimes Hard to Control

The Best Gauss Builds

Before we talk about the different build ideas for Gauss, there is a discussion to be had about the choice of either using Vitality or Redirection.

A lot of players rather use Vitality, especially in higher level missions, simply to counter-act the problem of high level procs.

Slash damage, Toxin damage and the like can quickly accumulate and reduce your life total to zero if you don’t react fast enough and heal yourself somehow.

That said, Gauss features a high shield recharge rate and recharge delay reduction (up to 80% faster recharge rate with a full battery) as well as an already increased amount of shield points.

In the end it is totally up to you what you rather pick for survivability and you can obviously always switch between those two depending on the missions you plan to do next.

Luckily the aura mod slot already has a Naramon polarity, because that is exactly what you want.

You can either pick Energy Siphon if you see yourself using your abilities a lot or if you encounter energy troubles along your way, otherwise just pick Corrosive Projection and you should be good to go.

Tip: If you want to know more about Gauss and his abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

The Thermal Sunder Build

Gauss Thermal Sunder Build
Gauss Thermal Sunder Build

The third skill, called ‘Thermal Sunder’, gives Gauss the ability to become an area-of-effect damage nuke Warframe and quickly clear whole rooms of mobs.

The idea is pretty simple, but super effective: You activate the skill with a short press of the button, which will create a field that deals Cold damage.

Then use the ability again and keep the button pressed to create a field that deals Heat damage – or the other way around. Combined they do create a Blast proc and will not only give you a lot of crowd control, but also a huge damage output.

The build itself is fully aligned with your third ability, so you do want to get as much range as possible and top that off with Primed Continuity and Constitution for a long duration.

Primed Flow (or the normal version) should help a bit with your low efficiency, while you really want Blind Rage to counter-act the ability strength reduction of Overextended.

Vitality (or Redirection) should be used as your survivability backup, but if you really want to become more squishy, go ahead and use either Intensify, Umbral Intensify or try out Streamline.

Because of the really low efficiency, you don’t want to use your Mach Rush all that often, because it will drain you dry pretty fast.

Don’t forget to activate your Kinetic Plating to gain more survivability and to gain some amount of energy for each time you get hit by one of the different damage types.

The Tank Redline Build

Gauss Tank Build
Gauss Tank Redline Build

If you completely ignore your third ability and rather try to balance around your three other skills you will eventually end up with something that looks like this build.

By not caring about ability range you will be able to use Narrow Minded, which counter-acts Fleeting Expertise and Transient Fortitude.

If you really like Gauss you could also replace the Intensify mod with Umbral Intensify and use your Umbra Forma here.

But you really don’t need to do that, because you still hit 100% damage reduction with your ‘Kinetic Plating’ ability when your battery is full.

You also have a lot of efficiency, which lets you run a long time with your ‘Mach Rush’.

Don’t forget to always have your ‘Redline’ up (together with your Kinetic Plating) and use your weapons to their full potential. Especially if you get your hands on Gauss’ signature weapons – the Acceltra and the Akarius – you will have a lot of fun killing everything around you within seconds.

The Juggernaut Build

Gauss Juggernaut Build
Gauss Juggernaut Build

Do you know the Juggernaut from X-Men? The guy that always runs head-on through walls and objects?

This can be you, inside a Gauss. This build is a little bit more on the casual side of things in comparison to the other two builds above, but if you’re looking for a fun-to-play build that also allows you to deal a decent amount of area-of-effect damage then keep on reading.

The gameplay itself is pretty easy: You activate your ‘Mach Rush’ ability and keep on running until you see a group of enemies.

Jump into a wall or an solid object and kill everyone and everything with the shockwave that your Warframe creates.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to run long distances to deal damage and theoretically you could just stand at a Defense target and run into the Defense object again and again.

Or explore the map and don’t forget to activate your Kinetic Plating if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

The mod choices should also be fairly obvious: You do want as much ability range as you can get to increase the shockwave range and combine that with some efficiency and ability strength.

Primed Continuity is used to increase the duration for your second ability (which can reach 100% damage reduction with a full battery) and your ‘Redline’ skill, but could just be Intensify or whatever else you like.

Redirection could also be Vitality, so pick whatever you prefer.


Gauss is really a great Warframe. All the abilities are useful and can be combined as you please. There are a few different build ideas you can follow and obviously playing with the fastest man alive…uhh, the fastest Warframe in the game is just a great feeling.

So take your Gauss for a drive on the Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis and see how much fun you can have. Or use him inside narrow corridors and bump into every wall to create a shockwave and kill enemies – be it by accident or because you really wanted to bump into something.

If you think we missed something important or if you have your own build idea to share, feel free to leave us a comment!

5 thoughts on “Gauss Builds Guide”

  1. Dont want to be one of those “technically xyz, is superior” but im gonna have to say it, with the introduction of helminth abilities gauss is now objectively the best warframe in the game now.
    Because his redline drastically improves fire rate based on duration, you max duration for 700% fire rate and replace his 3 with Energized munitions, and then you solo a multi hour survival with a kuva ogris w/ napalm rockets.

    Kuva ogris you will want multishot, fire rate and magazine size, hit the energized munitions 3, enable his 4 and dash around a bit to get it to red line and then left click spam and everything dies in steel path.

    Gauss also has 90% Damage resistance with his 2 and it generates energy all you have to do is manage how much damage you take or bring a zaw with energy generation and you are golden.


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