Gauss FashionFrame – The Flash

If you’re thinking about Gauss, you are thinking about speed. You’re thinking about breaking the sound barrier.

And you are thinking about the fastest Warframe alive. You are thinking about the Flash. So if you are into Fashionframe at all, finding a combination of colors and cosmetics that will support the look of the DC superhero should be a natural desire.

At least it was for us and we are really into sharing ideas.

To be honest, you could probably achieve this Fashionframe (or something looking very similar) without investing in a lot of cosmetics.

Getting the right colors will already net you a very good-looking version of Gauss – everything else is just a nice bonus.

How to Create This Gauss FashionFrame

We start off the cosmetics build with using the Gauss Mag Helmet, simply because it doesn’t look as big and clunky as the original one.

We’re also not using a Syandana (DC Flash doesn’t have one either) and if you want, you don’t even have to use any of the attachments we pick. That said, the Avia Solstice set works really well with the Flash look.

So pick the Avia Solstice Chest Plate, the Avia Solstice Shoulder Plate and the Avia Solstice Ankle Plate to support the ‘flying’ look Gauss has while breaking the sound barrier.

We also recommend using the Shocking Step Ephemera for the extra sparkles flying around while running.

Color-wise you should aim to use the same colors you’re using on your Warframe skin.

That way you still get the cool-looking highlights on your attachments, but they also integrate into the whole Warframe suit.

Here are the colors we do recommend for this Fashionframe:

Primary BRIGHT RED (fire palette, ninth row, first color)
Secondary BRIGHTER RED (fire palette, ninth row, second color)
Tertiary BRIGHTER RED (fire palette, ninth row, second color)
Accents BRIGHTER RED (fire palette, ninth row, second color)
Emissive BRIGHT ORANGE (fire palette, seventh row, third color)
Energy DARKER YELLOW (fire palette, fifth row, second color)

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