Grokdrul Farming Guide (Best Places To Farm Grokdrul)

Grokdrul looks like yellow crystals and crop from containers and caches found in enemy camps. This resource was introduced to the game when Warframes got the Plains of Eidolon.

You need Grokdrul for various blueprints. It is used to craft Amps, Zaws and some parts of the Gara warframe. You need to search for Grokdrul in the Plains of Eidolon.

Although you can gather this resource periodically when in the plains, it isn’t easy something you can mine with much efficiency.

However, there are some tips for finding the maximum Grokdrul amount in the shortest time.

Where To Find Grokdrul?

Look around the Plains of Eidolon. Grokdrul can be found around the Grineer outposts, so do a thorough search around those.

Grokdrul Farm - Grineer Mining outposts

It’s also a good idea to equip mods which enhance loot detection on the map.

This will make finding Grokdrul in the Grineer outposts simpler.

Best Ways To Get Grokdrul

Let’s take a look at some quick ways to get Grokdrul in Warframe.

#1 Destroy Grokdrul Drums

This resource is something Grineer are also looking for. They keep it in Grokdrul Drums which you can typically find around their outpost locations.

Grokdrul Farm - Grokdrul Drums
Grokdrul Drum

Destroy these drums and you will get the Grokdrul. Take care because there might be Grineer around as well as defensive turrets, depending on which outpost you are at.

Equip mods like Thief’s Wit, Loot Detector or Animal Instincts on a speedy warframe. This will increase the Grokdrul detection radius.

Gather the resource from one outpost and then take another look at the map and go to the next spot.

#2 Finish Bounties (Plains of Eidolon & Cetus)

You can get Grokdrul from bounties. It’s in the drop table of bounty rewards you can get in the Plains of Eidolon or Cetus.

If you can finish the bounties reasonably fast, it’s worth doing.

Check a bounty ahead of time to find out if Grokdrul is one of the rewards. Even if it is though, that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get it.

Sometimes you might get something different as a reward.


It isn’t hard to farm Grokdrul because there’s only one place you can get it and there is usually plenty of it around.

Although bounties can get you a lot of this resource, it isn’t guaranteed that’s what you will get for a reward.

This is why it might be better to look in the Grineer camps or outposts for it instead.

First go to the nearest Grineer outpost and then go to the next closest, so you can do a rotation of the various camps and visit them in turn.

Bringing a Smeeta Kavat along or using a resource booster can mean you will get more Grokdrul.

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