Harrow Builds Guide

It seems that Harrow is one of those Warframes that splits the community: Some say he is one of the best in the game, while others find him boring and useless.

Both statements are at their core at least a bit right, since you need the right environment to fully use Harrow’s potential.

Sometimes you feel pretty useless, because there is simply no one to heal, no one who needs extra energy or no one with the need of a critical damage boost.

And yes, in those situations Harrow feels pretty useless. And boring. But if you find a group that appreciates your abilities (and you using them), you can become a very important part of the missions and be critical for its success.

Especially in high level missions like the Elite Sanctuary Onslought, Arbitrition missions or Sorties, Harrow can and will shine. So give the dark priest a try and have fun playing with him!

Oh and if you still don’t really know how to get your hands on Harrow, check out our guide on that!


  • Very good support Warframe
  • Important part of certain group compositions
  • High shields
  • High armor
  • Very high potential


  • Low energy
  • Frustrating to farm
  • Sometimes just useless

The Best Harrow Builds

Picking Corrosive Projection or Energy Siphon as your aura mod should give you the best results in almost every mission type.

The armor reduction is at its best against higher level enemies, while the extra energy regeneration can help out if you are having trouble getting enough energy to cast your abilities.

If you are playing with a premade team, going for energy regeneration can be very useful with certain Warframes in your team, while the armor reduction mod is probably best when grouping with randoms.

Tip: If you want to know more about Harrow and his abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

The Standard Harrow Build

The Standard Harrow Build

You will use this build (or a very similar one) almost always, because it does give you the best overall mix of survivability and ability support.

Redirection will make sure you can get very high overshields, while Vitality guards your life once you activated your Penance.

You do want a good amount of duration, some ability strength and some efficiency, while Natural Talent does god’s work as a Quality-Of-Life mod.

You can even use Speed Drift or switch out Natural Talent for Hunter Adrenaline. Feel free to experiment a bit and find the build you do like the most.

While ability range does influence your third skill, all other skills work with affinity range and don’t need the ability range.

If you are looking for a energy regeneration build, the standard build won’t help you. And if you are looking to raise your ability strength, feel free to put in an Umbral Intensify (or its normal version).

The Energy Build

Harrow Energy Build

This build is somewhat similar to the standard version, but features a lot more range for the sake of giving yourself and your allies energy.

You simply press 3 and either wait until you are out of energy or until you reached an amount of energy per kill that you find acceptable.

Don’t forget that you need to get kills in order to restore energy for your team and that head shot kills give extra energy!

The build itself should be easy to understand. You’re not going to get the best possible bonuses with all four of your abilities, but it is a great and fair compromise.

Feel free to use another aura mod and switch Umbral Intensify for the normal Intensify.

Also using Warding Thurible might be a neat way of improving your protection.

Switch it out for either Stretch or Streamline, depending on your team, preferred missions or play style.


Sometimes Harrow feels like a bad Trinity, sometimes he feels like a very strong and fun-to-play support Warframe.

So in the end you can probably just summarize it as “he is very situational“. And this is especially true if you want to run him with randoms and not a premade group.

He is very hit or miss and can be super important or just a walking gun with no abilities. But depending on your preferences and play style, he can always be enjoyable.

So if you manage to farm him (or buy him), give him a try and put some Forma in. It will be worth it and your collection gains another great support!

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