How To Get Banshee Guide

Banshee is a very strong Warframe and used to be meta in a lot of farming groups. Nowadays she isn’t as strong as she used to be, but she is still able to deal a good amount of area-of-effect damage or to be one of the best damage buffer in the game.

Occasionally you’ll even see a CC Banshee, using her ‘Silence’ skill to stun enemies in range. She is part of the game since 2013 and therefor is one of the first Warframes ever released. Not only because of that she should be a part of every Tenno’s loadout option.

She is also one of the Warframes with really great augmented mods, namely Resonance and Resonating Quake as absolute ‘must-haves’.

If you are looking for great ideas on how to build your Banshee, take a look at our Banshee Builds Guide.

If you want to know where and how to get your hands on all the blueprints required to build the Warframe, simply keep on reading!

Banshee Farm – Getting Parts (Blueprints)

Getting yourself a Banshee can be super easy or somewhat grindy, always depending on your play style and your desire to do everything on your own: Banshee’s blueprints (neuroptics, chassis & systems) can simply be bought from your clan’s dojo in the Tenno Lab interface.

So if you joined a clan with research done, all you need to do is get there, buy the blueprints and start crafting.

If you don’t have a clan with research done or if you want to build up your own clan from scratch, you do need to build a Tenno Lab, research the main blueprint and then start researching the different parts.

If you’re new, this can be very expensive and time consuming, but will also give you the ability to do everything on your own (or with your clan mates) and not depend on other clans and players.

Banshee's Blueprints
You can buy Banshee’s blueprints in your clan dojo.

Crafting Requirements for Banshee

To be fair, the resource demands for building a Banshee are more than fair and shouldn’t be problematic at all.

If you are having trouble to farm a certain resource, consult the Wiki for the drop locations and use our Resource Farming Guide to be as efficient as possible while farming any given resource.

To build Banshee you do need:

  • 70.000x Credits
  • 1.000x Salvage
  • 900x Ferrite
  • 400x Plastids
  • 200x Polymer Bundle
  • 150x Circuits
  • 50x Rubedo
  • 2x Morphics
  • 1x Neural Sensors
  • 1x Control Module
  • 1x Orokin Cell

The rare resources might be a problem for newer players, but if you have one of those newer accounts and you can’t get to the planets you’re currently in need of, just keep on playing. You will eventually get there.

If you really REALLY want to get yourself a Banshee, ask your clan mates or in the recruitment chat if anyone is willing to taxi you to the planet or a good farming node.

Banshee can be a strong damage dealer or survive with crowd control.


Getting into a clan is easy – just ask your friends, in the recruitment chat, a forum, discord servers, Reddit or any other outlet on the internet.

If you want to start your own clan, getting to Banshee will take some time, but otherwise you’ll be able to craft her as soon as you’re able to get to the planet nodes required to farm all the resources.

Don’t be afraid to ask around for a clan, because a lot of clans are looking for new members and don’t even require you to be active at all.

Just play the game, progress through the star chart and help out later on!

There is also a primed version of Banshee, but that version is currently vaulted, so getting your hands on those blueprints might be very hard.

You can still trade with other players for Platinum, but the best idea might be to wait until Banshee Prime gets unvaulted. Might be a year or two, but if you really want the primed version, this is your best shot outside of trading.

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