How to get Equinox Guide

Even though Equinox is one of the strongest Warframes in the game right now (at least when it comes to dealing huge area-of-effect damage), getting her and all the blueprints needed can be quite frustrating.

Equinox is also the only Warframe that distances herself from the normal requirements of needing three Warframe parts and the Warframe main blueprint.

Instead you will need to buy the main blueprint from the market for a price of 25.000 credits and then get eight blueprints for Warframe parts.

Even though the assassination target that does drop the blueprints for the Warframe parts (Tyl Regor on Titania, Uranus) is fairly easy to kill, you will need to fight him way more often than the other assassination targets.

If you are looking for some ideas on how to build the Warframe you better start reading our Equinox Builds Guide.

If you are looking for a guide on how to get Equinox (and her blueprints), then you are at the right place.

Fighting Tyl Regor

All blueprints (besides the main blueprint) can be acquired by fighting and defeating the assassination target of Uranus: Tyl Regor is the head researcher and his main goal is to work on a gene repair for the Grineer.

Your job is to slow down his research and make sure the Grineer aren’t becoming even more powerful.

So head into the mission, rush towards the yellow quest marker and once you (and your team) are gathered in the general fighting area, Tyl Regor will spawn and attack you.

The First Phase:

The fight itself is basically divided into three phases: In the first phase, right at the start of the fight, you need to use your weapons to attack Tyl Regor.

He will only use melee attacks against you, but he is very fast and can even teleport, before he will rush back to you and uses his weapon.

So just try to attack him while he is running around while having enough space to dodge his attacks. Once you’ve dealt enough damage, Tyl Regor will jump up to the upper floor and start shattering windows, which in return will make water flow into the fighting area.

If you are on the lowest level you will enter Archwing mode and have to find a way to jump out of the water before the water gets electrified – which will deal a lot of damage to you. Once the water level is risen, the second phase will start.

The Second Phase:

For now the boss will teleport outside the room and instead of fighting him you have to deal with a few Drekar Grineer Manics that also can teleport and have increased speed. After you killed them with every weapon you have at your disposal, Tyl Regor will finally come back into the arena. The fight is basically the same as in the first phase, but once you’ve dealt enough damage and after he teleported to the top floor again, you will need to jump up as well or otherwise you will be caught by the electrified water.

The Third Phase:

Tyl Regor will again vanish and send his goons instead. Kill the Drekar Manics and the new Drekar Manic Bombards and make sure that you don’t get caught by the broken water pipes that will push you off the upper floor into the water.

Once you’ve dismembered the mobs your assassination target will eventually come back into the room and you can finally kill him for good. Simply head to the exit and extract.

You do need to get eight different blueprints for the different parts (four for the Day Aspect and four for the Night Aspect) before you are able to craft Equinox fully.

Here are the drop chances for each blueprint:

Day Aspect Blueprint 11,28%
Day Chassis Blueprint 12,91%
Day Neuroptics Blueprint 12,91%
Day Systems Blueprint 12,91%
Night Aspect Blueprint 11,28%
Night Chassis Blueprint 12,91%
Night Neuroptics Blueprint 12,91%
Night Systems Blueprint 12,91%
Mesa will make the whole boss fight super easy.

Best Warframes for Fighting Tyl Regor

Weapon-wise you should try to bring your strongest one-shot weapon – Tigris Prime or other shotguns are probably your best option in this fight.

Tyl Regor and his goons are pretty fast and can teleport, which makes aiming for a long time impossible. Instead you oftentimes have to hip-fire and run around either chasing the enemies or dodging attacks.

However, even more important than the weapon you bring will be your choice of Warframe. Here are some good frames to bring:

  • Slow Nova: Bringing the best crowd control Warframe in the game will help you deal with the super fast attacks of either Tyl Regor or his goons. A slowed assassination target is an easy target. You can even bring a rifle gun or basically everything you want as long as you slow down your enemies in the fight.
  • Mesa: Having trouble aiming and shooting fast enough? Then bring the Warframe with a build-in aimbot. Playing with Mesa is actually the best way to beat this boss if you are in a group, simply because the chance that an enemy of any kind will teleport beside you and attack you is way smaller than when you’re playing in solo mode. You will also deal a huge amount of damage in a few seconds, so there is that.
  • Tanky Warframes: Everything that can easily survive getting hit by the big bad boss will be a great pick. Rhino or Inaros come to mind, but you are basically free to pick whatever you want as long as your Warframe of choice has a way to increase armor or health.
  • Supports: If you manage to find one or more teammates that will tag along for a few runs, bringing a good support into the group is super beneficial. We recommend Wisp, Trinity or an Oberon with a Phoenix Renewal build.

In the end you do have a wide variety of Warframes to pick from. Play whatever you like most and see how your favorite frame performs in the bossfight.

It is always wise to add some extra survivability if needed, so adding Vitality and/or Redirection can be super beneficial.

Farming Equinox Parts/Blueprints

While farming for Equinox’s blueprints can already be annoying, you also need to get double the amount of resources you will normally need to craft a new Warframe.

You will also need to invest twice as much credits as usual, with a total of 165.000 credits needed – making Equinox the most expensive Warframe regarding credits needed.

Day Aspects

Let’s start with the Day Aspect and the resources needed to craft it:

Day Aspect Neuroptics Day Aspect Chassis Day Aspect Systems Day Aspect
15.000x Credits 15.000x Credits 15.000x Credits 25.000x Credits
500x Rubedo 1.000x Ferrite 500x Rubedo 1x Day Neuroptics
150x Ferrite 300x Rubedo 500x Salvage 1x Day Chassis
150x Alloy Plate 1x Gallium 1x Gallium 1x Day Systems
1x Neural Sensor
1x Control Module 1x Orokin Cell

Most of these resources should be fairly easy to farm, especially the common and uncommon versions:

  • Ferrite can be found on Earth, Mercury, Neptune and in the Orokin Void
  • Alloy Plate drops on Venus, Jupiter, Phobos, Ceres, Sedna and Pluto
  • Salvage can be found on Mars, Jupiter and Sedna.

The only uncommon resource needed for the Day Aspect should also be no problem to get, because Rubedo will drop plenty on Earth, Europa, Sedna, Pluto and in the Orokin Void.

You will also need to farm for the following three rare resources:

  • Gallium (drops only on Mars and Uranus)
  • Control Module (can be found on Europa, Neptune and the Orokin Void)
  • Neural Sensors (drops only on Jupiter and the Kuva Fortress)

Night Aspects

Next let’s take a look at the Night Aspects and its blueprints.

You’ll see that you will need some different resources here:

Night Aspect Neuroptics Night Aspect Chassis Night Aspect Systems Night Aspect
15.000x Credits 15.000x Credits 15.000x Credits 25.000x Credits
500x Plastids 1.000x Polymer Bundle 500x Plastids 1x Night Neuroptics
150x Polymer Bundle 300x Plastids 500x Nano Spores 1x Night Chassis
150x Alloy Plate 1x Morphics 1x Morphics 1x Night Systems
1x Neural Sensors
1x Control Module 1x Orokin Cell

As you can see, you will need to get some common, uncommon and even rare resources you didn’t need to craft the Day Aspect.

Alloy Plates can be found on Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, Sedna, Ceres and Phobos, while you can get Nano Spores (the second common resource needed for the Night Aspect) on Saturn, Eris, Neptune and in Orokin Derelict missions.

The uncommon resources are Polymer Bundle (dropped on Venus, Mercury and Uranus) and Plastids (Saturn, Phobos, Eris, Pluto and Uranus).

You also need to get your hands on the following rare resources:

  • Neural Sensors (drops only on Jupiter and the Kuva Fortress)
  • Morphics (Mars, Mercury, Pluto and Europa)
  • Control Module (can be found on Europa, Neptune and the Orokin Void)

Once you’ve managed to craft the Day Aspect and the Night Aspect you can finally combine Equinox’s main blueprint with the two aspects and a Forma.

Now all you have to do is wait another 72 hours and you finally hold an Equinox in your metaphorical hands.

Make sure to come prepared – or Tyl Regor might kill you.


Getting everything needed to finally craft an Equinox can be very annoying, boring and sometimes frustrating, but in the end it will be totally worth it.

Equinox is one of the strongest and most interesting Warframes in the game and the fact that she brings a lot of different build options is also really great.

If you ever get bored or frustrated during the farming part just switch over to something else for a few hours or days and come back at a later point.

Also, don’t forget to have fun while playing (and grinding) in Warframe!

If we missed some important information or if you simply want to ask a question, feel free to leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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