How to get Garuda

Getting Garuda seems very easy on the first look, but it is way more grindy than you might think. The Garuda Warframe was first showcased during TennoCon 2018 and is also known as ‘The Queen of Gore‘. Her theme revolves around blood and unlike Valkyr she doesn’t use uncontrolled rage, but rather is coldblooded in her killing style. She shines with a high amount of armor and an unusual large energy pool. And while you get her main blueprint simply by doing the Vox Solaris Quest, getting the other parts requires you to grind through the bounties from Eudico. Just talk to her, pick a bounty and use the elevator to Orb Vallis to start the bounty run. Once you are finished you can either go back down to Fortuna or talk to the agent outside of the elevator to accept another bounty. Farming the blueprints for the different Garuda parts should be straight forward and easy.

Farming the different resources

The hard part starts after you obtained the blueprints for Garuda. You need a mix of rare resources and different minerals. If you are lucky, you don’t really need to farm for the rare resources – theoretically they can drop while you’re doing the different bounty missions on certain Corpus camps on Orb Vallis. But usually after reaching the point of getting all the blueprints needed to craft you do have to farm almost all the resources you’re going to need to craft Garuda. You’ll find all the rare resources here:

  • Calda Toroid: To get this item you either search the caves or kill enemies near the Transit Depot or the Enrichment Labs.
  • Sola Toroid: This rare resource can be found in caves or as a drop from enemies near the Temple of Profit.
  • Vega Toroid: You can find this rare resource in caves or by killing enemies near the Spaceport.

Farming them alone can be a hassle, so it is highly recommended to find yourself a farming group and follow our resource farming guide for Fortuna.

Mining and Solaris United standing

But even if you get lucky or find a farming group to gather all the rare resource drops you need, picking up the other resources requires you to start mining. A lot. Luckily in comparison with Plains Of Eidolon the Fortuna update made mining a lot easier. Get yourself the new mining drill and simply roam the field of Orb Vallis for a bit. Use a combination of sound and radar to quickly find the different mining spots and you’re good to go.

The ‘problem’ however starts once you want to craft all the found ores into needed resources. To finally craft all Garuda parts, you need to reach the rank ‘cove’ with Solaris United and get yourself the Marquise Thyst blueprint. Since you get one free reward every time you reach a new rank, choosing the Marquise Thyst blueprint is recommended. Otherwise you would need to gather 12.000 more standing for it.

Farming standing can be really grindy, but there are several ways to increase your standing. Doing bounties every day to reach your daily standing is probably the easiest way to get the standing needed. Don’t forget that you can see your daily standing by going into your profile and choose the ‘Syndicates’ tab.


Getting Garuda’s different blueprints is actually the simple part of crafting the new Fortuna Warframe. But if you already spent several hours in Warframe you probably shouldn’t be surprised that you need to grind a bit. And while grinding, don’t forget to have fun playing the game!

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