How To Get Garuda Guide

Garuda the blood queen Warframe, she siphons blood from her enemies and uses it to bolster her defenses, heal her allies, and drown her enemies in a torrent of steel and blood.

She is the hemomancer Warframe by manipulating blood that she siphons from her enemies, she can create a shield from the gore she rips out of her target that reduces damage while storing that damage and releasing it as blood bomb at her enemies.

Garuda can also impale her enemies with bone spikes draining their lifeforce slowly to heal herself and her allies or shoot a barrage of those spikes ripping them apart.

Garuda is a great Warframe for those that love violent and bloody gore so if you want Garuda as your next Warframe this is the guide for you.

If you want to know more about how to acutally pick mods for her, switch over to our Garuda Builds Guide.

How To Get Garuda Parts

Getting her parts is fairly easy with the right gear and a bit of patience, Getting her main blueprint is obtained through finishing the Vox Solaris Questline and her components as mission rewards from Orb Vallis Bounties.

Garuda Components

Garuda’s components can be obtained by chance through these stages as rewards for accomplishing the mission stage of the bounty, although these missions may be challenging for the unprepared.

Garuda NeuropticsGaruda SystemsGaruda Chassis
Stage 2Stage 2Stage 2
Stage 3Stage 3Stage 3
Stage 4

Best Warframes for the Bounties

The Bounties are challenging especially while on solo missions but there is a couple of gear you would want to have or specific Warframes to make sure that you can get through them with easily.

Focus on using Warframes that have great clearing or crowd control abilities that are set up for survivability because when you get 3 to 5 ranks in the wanted level of the taxmen you can easily be overwhelmed by their sheer numbers.

  • Mesa – best gunner Warframe in the game she is the complete package being able to defend an area while tanking incoming damage. Her Peacemakers can make quick work of incoming droves of enemies while being able to survive incoming damage with Shatter Shield and disabling the weapons of her attackers with Shooting Gallery.
  • Equinox – is a great option for a multipurpose Warframe where you can make a damaging or healing area-of-effect with her Mend & Maim ability while increasing Equinox’s defensive or offensive capabilities with her Metamorphosis.
  • Wukong – An easy choice for an assault and stealth Warframe with his Primal Fury coupled with his Celestial Twin can easily take care of any number of incoming enemies or going through the Orb Vallis spy/retrieval missions undetected by using Cloud Walker.
  • Hildryn – she can be considered the best Warframe against corpus units by simply being able to strip her enemies of their shields while bolstering her own shields in the process with Pillage allowing her to take a lot of damage while her enemies are defenseless. Check out our Hildryn Builds Guide if you want to learn more!
Farming resources on Fortuna can be easy – if you know what to do!

Getting Garuda Components (Garuda Farm)

You do not need a lot of the gems to craft the required components which makes crafting garuda not a difficult task and a good thing about these gems is unlike other resources it be can be traded with another tenno making acquiring them much easier.

While you would still need Kuva to complete the build you would just want to either obtain it from the Kuva Fortress to farm, another source would be the Nightwave Reward table or Arbitrations Reward Table.

Garuda BlueprintGaruda NeuropticsGaruda SystemsGaruda Chassis
25,000 Credits15,000 Credits15,000 Credits15,000 Credits
1x Garuda Neuroptics2x Vega Toroid2x Calda Toroid2x Sola Toroid
1x Garuda Systems6x Star Amarast3x Radiant Zodian3x Marquis Thyst
1x Garuda Chassis40x Axidrol 40x Tarvocyte Alloy40x Venerdo Alloy
3,500 Kuva5000x Nano Spores2200x Alloy Plate2400x Polymer Bundle

Crafting the Gems

Garuda’s parts need mostly gems, they are mined on blue or red colored cracks on the rocks of the Orb Vallis by using a mining tool you can extract them, then process them in your Foundry to provide you with the gems required. 

Tradeable Gems

These gems can be traded with other players only after crafting them.

Star Amarast6x Amarast5,000 Credits
Radiant Zodian3x Zodian10,000 Credits
Marquis Thyst3x Thyst10,000 Credits

Non-Tradeable Gems

These gems will need some other materials to craft their final form. These cannot be traded and only mined on the surface of Orb Vallis.

Venerdo Alloy20x Venerol300x Rubido2x Galium1000 Credits
Tarvocyt Alloy20x Tarvoride500x Salvage100x Plastids1000 Credits
Axidrol Alloy20x Axidite500x Ferrite10x Rubido1000 Credits
Bringing a good ‘Farmframe’ will increase your chances for better loot!

Toroid Farming

You would require a couple of each type of Toroid to complete the materials needed for the crafting of Garuda’s components.

Since Toroids are only dropped on Fortuna, you might want to give our Fortuna Farming Guide a read!

Calda Toroid

You would need to go to the Enrichment Labs in Orv Vallis to obtain these by reaching Alert 4 and killing the incoming enemies they will randomly drop from them.

Another way would be lucky when you explore the caves they will be on the ground as an item that can be picked up like an Ayatan.

They also are a random drop from Scyto Raknoid.

Vega Toroid

These can also be found in caves if your lucky but the best way would be to farm them at the Space Port from enemies by increasing the Alert Level to max levels then multiple enemies will be spawning that each has a chance to drop this item.

Or dropped by any Mite Raknoid you will encounter.

Sola Toroid

These will drop at max alert level in the Temple of Profit from any of the incoming enemies that will spawn also you can check some of the caves nearby for these items that can be picked up.

Another way would be hunting down Kyta Raknoids since they specifically have a chance to drop these.


Getting the parts can be challenging and comes with a lot of farming but Garuda is certainly worth it to have in your arsenal of Warframes.

She will rain a shower of blood on the battlefield to drown those that stand in her way.

Garuda is a good option for players with reckless abandon, that like to go in and hard in fights without the worry of death as she bathes in the blood of her enemies.

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