How To Get Ivara Guide

Ivara, the huntress, the thief. A Warframe expected to be crafted later into the game. Aiming for Ivara is recommended for operators capable of dealing with Level 25+ enemies and being adept at spy missions.

The only way to obtain Ivara’s blueprints is by completing the three tiers of spy missions.

It should be expected running through spy missions multiple times, as the parts are still quite rare even when run perfectly.

It is recommended to bring a bunch of cipher consumables, two blueprints for these can be purchased on the market.

The first blueprint is a single cipher worth 500 credits, the second is a blueprint that creates ten ciphers which is worth 250,000 credits, although pricey it saves a lot of time on creating ciphers via blueprints.

Ciphers are used to bypass a lot of the hacking involved in spy missions.

Stealth frames such as Limbo and Loki are incredibly useful within these missions, Limbo using his void rift to bypass lasers sensors and Loki using his invisibility to bypass scanners makes the grind much easier.

And if you are looking for some ideas on how to build your Ivara once you’ve managed to craft her, head over to our ‘Ivara Builds Guide‘!

Farming Ivara Parts (Systems, Chassis, Neuroptics & Blueprint)

To obtain a blueprint successfully you will need to reach Rotation C on spy missions, which means three successful extractions are required to receive one component.

Even if an alarm is triggered as long as you are able to retrieve the data before its destroyed you can still receive the blueprints.

You can also receive the parts from nightmare and void fissure Spy missions.

  • Systems can be obtained via tier one spy missions, these missions include any spy missions between level 1 – 15.
  • Chassis can be obtained via tier two spy missions, these missions include any spy missions level 16 – 25.
  • And last but not least the Neuroptics and Ivara Blueprint can be obtained via tier three spy missions, these missions include any spy mission level 26 or higher.

Recommended Ivara Farming Spots:

Tier OneEarth, CambriaVenus, UndaMars, Arval
Tier TwoCeres, BodeEuropa, Valac
Tier ThreeNeptune, LaomedeiaPluto, Oceanum

Building Ivara Parts

Ivara takes a total of twelve hours per piece plus the 72 hours to build her completely.

This process can be rushed with platinum initially costing 25 platinum each on the individual parts and 50 platinum to finish building the frame itself saving you three days of waiting.

1 Ivara
1 Ivara
1 Ivara
1 Orokin
5 Control
5 Nitain
1 Argon
5 Morphics2000
700 Rubedo2 Argon
5 Neurodes800
2600 Polymer
2 Argon

Ivara is considered quite an expensive frame, however the power you gain from the grind is well worth the wait.

Ivara’s Abilities & Skills

Let’s take a look at the list of Ivara’s Abilities:

Sentry is Ivara’s passive:

  • Spots Enemies within 20 meters.
  • Stack with other radar mods for more range.

Quiver is Ivara’s first ability:

  • Cloak arrow which cloaks an area you aim at.
Cloaked area
Inside the cloaked area
  • Dashwire arrow which allows you to create ziplines wherever you want.
Multiple Zip Lines, Multiple Opportunities
  • Noise arrow is used to attract enemies unaware of the player to a location.
  • Sleep arrow is an arrow which puts all enemies in a radius to sleep setting them up for assassination or sneaking past.
Good Night Sweet Prince

Navigator is Ivara’s second ability:

  • Allows control of most projectiles mid flight.
  • Increases the projectiles damage based on the amount of time in flight up to a max of 500%.

Prowl is Ivara’s third skill:

  • The syndicate mod Infiltrate alters this ability giving you the benefits of Loki’s invisibility and Limbo’s void rift making Ivara one of the best spy mission Warframes.
  • Invisibility that doesn’t run out if you have the energy.
  • This ability allows pick pocketing of items from enemies while Ivara is invisible.
  • Gain extra headshot damage.
Infiltrate To Your Hearts Content
You can just pick these pockets.
*John Cena Music Ensues*

Artemis Bow is Ivara’s fourth ability:

It swaps her primary weapon to her exalted weapon:

  • Shoots a volley of arrows in a line.
  • Drains energy per shot until energy runs out.
  • The bow itself can be modded separately from the primary weapon, allowing for great customization.
A Free Cernos Prime

Final Thoughts

Ivara is an amazing stealth frame and can be a great asset to any Tenno looking to have an invisible, tactical hunter.

She contains an incredibly versatile kit, able to deal with threats small and large either through crowd control or avoiding them completely with her Prowl ability.

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