How To Get Loki Guide

Loki is widely used for its stealth capabilities, he is considered one of the best candidate for missions that require tactical infiltration, as he is the original stealth Warframe.

He is also a stealthy trickster named after the Norse god of mischief.

He can make himself invisible and kill his enemies without drawing too much attention to himself and with his trickster nature, you can switch places with either friend or foe placing them in relative safety or in harm’s way, making them confused and vulnerable. 

So, even if you find yourself or your squad surrounded by enemies, you can turn the situation around by disarming the enemies with an irradiating wave that both damages them and applies confusion.

That lets you and your squad go in with your melee weapons and have the upper hand against your enemies. 

With those awesome abilities that can have different builds (check out our Loki Builds Guide) and tricks depending on your playstyle, you can obtain this deadly stealth Warframe after unlocking Neptune and this guide will put you on the right track on how to get it.

How & Where To Get Loki Blueprints

Loki’s main blueprint can be easily bought in the in-game market in the orbiter for 35,000 credits.

The 3 blueprints that are required for Loki would be his Neauroptics, Systems, and Chassis that can be obtained through an assasination mission in Neptune.

Once you have all 3 you would need to build them first before proceeding to finally building the Loki Warframe.

List of Loki Blueprints:

Loki NeuropticsLoki SystemsLoki ChassisLoki Blueprint
15.000x Credits15.000x Credits15.000x Credits25.000x Credits
500x Rubedo1.000x Ferrite500x Salvage1x Loki Neuroptics
150x Polymer Bundle300x Rubedo220x Plastids1x Loki Systems
150x Alloy Plates1x Morphics1x Morphics1x Loki Chassis
1x Neural Sensors
1x Control Module1x Orokin Cell

Resources For Crafting Loki

This is a list of which planets hold the resources needed for crafting your Loki, you can either do missions on the nodes of the planet or use an Extractor on the planet to maximize your chances to get the resources you need.


  • Alloy Plate – Venus, Jupiter, Ceres, Sedna, Pluto, and Phobos
  • Polymer Bundles – Mercury, Venus, and Uranus
  • Salvage – Mars, Jupiter, and Sedna


  • Rubedo – Earth, Pluto, Sedna, Europa, Phobos, and the Void
  • Plastids – Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Eris, and Phobos


  • Morphics – Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Mars, Phobos, and Europa
  • Control Module – Neptune, Europa, and the Void
  • Neural Sensors – Jupiter, Kuva Fortress
Keep your distance while fighting the Hyena Pack!

Where To Farm Loki (Tips and Tricks)

Here are some tips that might help you in your process of farming.

If you want to be productive, you can first farm in Sedna, a dwarf planet in which you can find two common (Alloy Plate and Salvage) and one uncommon (Rebedo) resources.

Then you can proceed to Phobos, a moon of Mars in which all the uncommon (Rubedo and Plastids) and one rare (Morphics) can be found. 

The rest of the resources, Polymer Bundles (common) and Neural Sensors (rare) are separated in different planets but the Control Module (Rare) resource can be found in Neptune where you can farm for the 3 blueprints that you need for Loki.

You can do these tips or If you have an extractor then it will be easier to gather and less time consuming to farm the necessary resources.

The better your extractor is, the higher chances you can get the resources you need.

You should also head over to our Resource Farming Guide and read through some general ideas!

Psamathe Assassination Mission on Neptune

You would need to unlock Neptune to get the other three remaining blueprints by defeating the hyena pack on the Psamathe mission. 

Here are the chances that you will get the parts after completing the mission:

  • Loki Neuroptics: 38.72%
  • Loki Chassis: 38.23%
  • Loki Systems: 22.56%

The Hyena pack is a pack of quadrupedal robots that hunts and kills their prey and they consist of 4 types of Hyenas with different colors and abilities each brandishing a mounted plasma repeater that inflicts their innate elemental or physical attributes. 

Aside from the plasma repeaters, each Hyena is also equipped with a special ability that is unique to each Hyena.

  • Hyena LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen): White colored Hyena. This Hyena uses a sub-zero frost wave that slows while deals massive shield damage.
  • Hyena Ng (Nitroglycerin): A yellow-crimson Hyena. This Hyena uses a back-mounted mortar that bombards an area and sets the ground on fire with hot napalm.
  • Hyena Pb  (Lead): Green and brown Hyena. This Hyena is the support unit of the pack that restores shields to other Hyena in battle. Occasionally this Hyena jumps up and shoots around it a barrage of small explosive shrapnel that deals blast damage.
  • Hyena Th (Thorium): Dark blue Hyena. This Hyena is the melee bruiser of the Hyena pack engaging its enemies in close range while pulsing out magnetic damage that not only depletes shields but also prevents shield regeneration.
The Hyenas will always hunt in a pack.

Defeating the Hyena Pack

Fighting them alone will be a bit difficult as you will be giving them a chance to swarm you but doing so, you need to immediately take one of them one by one. 

The ideal way is to destroy Hyena PB (Lead) as the Hyena creates a shield on his pack, giving them a defense boost and Hyena Th (Thorium) as the Hyena charges at you and disrupts your shield, leaving you vulnerable to the pack. 

Destroying them after will be easy enough for you to destroy the rest of the Hyena. Just make sure you keep your distance as they will not hesitate to use this opportunity to turn the tables around.

Here are the best possible physical and elemental types to use against the Hyena Pack.

Best against Proto Shields

  • Magnetic – 75% damage to shields
  • Electricity – 50% damage to shields
  • Impact -25% damage to shields

Best against Robotics

  • Radiation – 25% damage to robotics
  • Electricity – 50% damage to robotics
  • Puncture – 25% damage to robotics

It would be best to use weapons that have innate magnetic damage like a Kuva Weapons with an innate magnetic element or the Amprex to make the Hyena Pack encounter trivial.

Best Warframes against the Hyena Pack

After discussing the enemies, their abilities and best types to use against them, let’s go for the Warframe next.

Since using the most effective Warframe can increase your chance of survivability and helps you complete your mission faster.

  • Mesa: By far your best choice to kill the Hyena Pack within seconds. Make sure not to get too close before you start using your Peacemaker ability and you should be fine!
  • Vauban: throwing down 4 Flechette Orbs can kill the hyena pack easily. Just be mindful that Vauban is not a very tanky frame so even though dealing damage to the Hyena Pack may be easy they can do the same to you as you play Vauban.
  • Chroma: Both tanking and dealing damage is easy for chroma, using Ice element as your Vex armor you can easily take care of the Hyena when it gets close to you.
  • Frost or Volt: Both of these Warframes are complementary to the damage you will be dealing to the Hyena Pack since Cold and Electricity damage are great against shields and robotics.
The Hyena Pack might be tough to fight without the right equipment.


Farming the Hyena Pack is not that hard when you get used to their tactics, and with the right equipment at your disposal, it gets easier as you gain the parts you need to build Loki.

It’s worth it to have Loki in your arsenal especially in higher level missions like Sortie spy missions where it only takes one failure of being caught will end the mission immediately.

On a side note, Loki can be used to farm Cephalon Simaris standing by scanning unalerted enemies in high-level missions for huge points in standing.

With that said, having this Warframe in your arsenal can be an advantage on missions which can be a good change or addition to your playstyle by using the Loki Warframe

Let us know if we missed something or you wanted to add more ideas and tips, or you have a question that you are itching to ask. Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below.

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