How To Get Mirage Guide

Mirage is a mysterious and mischievous Warframe, she is known for her ability to make multiple copies of herself that deals deadly damage against her foes.

Not only that, with her tricks up her sleeves, she can also use explosives and lights that can make her foes blinded and confused.

She is capable of using the light and dark areas as her stage, performing her abilities on the battlefield and tricking on her enemies.

This caster Warframe can be obtained through her lore quest, the Hidden Messages quest and its main blueprint can be bought in the market after obtaining all of her components.

Excited to get her Warframe and know her story? If so, this guide will help you decipher the riddles and let you discover the memories of Mirage’s valiant story.

If you’re looking for some information on how to build the Warframe, click here for our guide on that!

How To Get Mirage Parts (Blueprints)

You can obtain all Mirage’s components on the Hidden Messages quest but before you can start, you must complete the Pluto/Sedna Junction.

Once completed, the Hidden Messages quest will automatically be available from your Quests section via Codex.

Note: Do not sell your Mirage Warframe as you can only do this quest once. The only way to obtain the Mirage again is through the Market using Platinum.

Best Warframes For The Questline

The Hidden Messages mission lets you discover the memories of Mirage while letting you acquire the components of Mirage upon completion and unlocking the main blueprint in the market in the end.

All of the mission requires you to run and kill infested enemies in the Infested Ship tileset.

They are basically weak against slash, heat, gas, corrosive, and blast attacks, so any weapons with those or Warframes that have AoE abilities will do the trick.

  • Mesa: with her peacemakers she can quickly deal with enemies coming your way, although keep in mind that you need to keep moving since the infested like to attack up close and personal.
  • Ember: Bring the rain of fire on infested enemies reducing them to ashes, prioritize ancient units that can quickly drain your energy making you defenseless against the incoming horde of infested.
  • Wukong: Rather than waiting for the infested to come at you, combining Celestial Twin and Primal Fury will take damage towards them. His twin will also equip the legendary iron staff dealing impact and slash damage.
  • Nova: Using her ability Molecular Prime can greatly reduce enemies speed which is a great disadvantage against infested enemies and they detonate upon death with a blast damage, killing other infested as they usually attack in groups, which also create a chain reaction, triggering more blast damage and killing more infested. The ability also increases all sources of damage against the primed enemies.

Mirage Farm (Where To Farm)

Since you need to craft the necessary components to move the story forward on the Hidden Messages quest, here is the list of the resources and where to find them, in addition to the main blueprint to finally complete your Warframe.


Mirage NeuropticsMirage SystemsMirage ChassisMirage Blueprint
15,000x Credits15,000x Credits15,000x Credits25,000x Credits
250x Alloy Plate250x Circuits2,500x Ferrite1x Mirage Neuroptics
400x Polymer Bundle650x Polymer Bundle450x Plastids1x Mirage Systems
1x Neurodes1x Control Module1x Gallium1x Mirage Chassis
1x Orokin Cell1x Orokin Cell1x Orokin Cell1x Argon Crystal
Makre sure to farm the Orokin Void for some rare Argon Crystals.

Crafting Materials

This is a list of which planets hold the resources needed for crafting your Mirage, you can either do missions or use an Extractor on the earth to maximize your chances to get the resources you would need.


  • Alloy Plate – Venus, Jupiter, Ceres, Sedna, Pluto, and Phobos
  • Polymer Bundle – Mercury, Venus, and Uranus
  • Ferrite – Mercury, Earth, Neptune and Orokin Void


  • Plastids – Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Eris, and Phobos
  • Circuits – Venus, Ceres, and Kuva Fortress


  • Control Module – Neptune, Europa, and the Void
  • Neurodes – Earth, Eris, Orokin Derelict and Lua
  • Gallium – Mars and Uranus
  • Orokin Cell – Saturn, Ceres and Orokin Derelict

Argon Crystal (Rare) – this resource can be farmed in the Orokin Void Tileset and a few assassination targets.

Do note this resource will degrade and disappear in your inventory after 24 hours, so hoarding is not an option. It is best to acquire this item when you need to use it immediately.


A master trickster and illusionist, Mirage may be durable but she can be tough in the darkness and deadly in the light.

She can lay traps and shoot layers, blinding the nearby enemies. Her Halls of Mirror ability can produce copies of herself, confusing the enemies also making her deal a lot of DPS against them.

Mastering Mirage is well worth it due to her abilities, she can be good for both solo and team missions depending on your play style, and with proper modding, she can get more powerful.

Let us know if we missed something or you wanted to add more ideas and tips, or you have a question that you are itching to ask. Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below.

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  1. Hello, I’m MR16 and I already finish the quest of Mirage and I already sold her. But when I go to Cephalon Simaris I dont find her as well for Limbo


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