How To Get Nezha Guide

Nezha is a tanky Waframe with great mobility that can swiftly move across the battlefield while leaving a trail of flames in his wake with his fire walker while protecting his allies with a protective halo or impaling his enemies with his divine spears.

He is a well-balanced Warframe that can multiple roles that focus on being a support tank or crowd control. Lucky enough that Nezha unlike other Warframes is much easier to acquire just by joining a clan or researching him on your own dojo.

In this guide, we will provide you with the information on how to get research, craft and obtain the required materials for Nezha “The Third Lotus Prince”. If you’re looking for information on how to mod the Warframe, check out our guide on that!

How To Get Nezha’s Parts (Blueprints)

You would need to research Nezha in the Clan Dojo first (check out your Tenno Research Lab!) to be able to replicate his parts.

After completing this task and after providing the right materials you will just have to wait for some time before proceeding to research his three main components which are the Neuroptics, Systems, and Chassis.

Nezha BlueprintNezha NeuropticsNezha ChassisNezha Systems
1x Mutagen Mass1x Detonite Injector1x Mutagen Mass1x Fieldron
1x Detonite Injector1x Neurodes1x Neural Sensors1x Gallium
1x Fieldron1000x Nano Spores1000x Alloy Plate1000x Salvage
1x Orokin Cell500x Salvage500x Circuits500x Cryotic
5,000 Credits10,000 Credits10,000 Credits10,000 Credits
72 Hours72 Hours72 Hours72 Hours
35,000 Credits to Replicate15,000 Credits to Replicate15,000 Credits to Replicate15,000 Credits to Replicate

Crafting Nezha Parts

After researching the parts in the clan dojo, the parts can be replicated any number of times by any member of the clan bear in mind that you will only be replicating the blueprints where they will still require to be crafted in your orbiter’s foundry.

Nezha BlueprintNezha NeuropticsNezha ChassisNezha Systems
Nezha Neuroptics1x Argon Crystal2x Morphics1x Control Module
Nezha Chassis1x Neural Sensors3,200 Ferrite1x Morphics
Nezha Systems2,100x Polymer Bundle600x Rubedo5000x Ferrite
1x Orokin Cell4500x Salvage1x Argon Crystal4,200 Plastids
25,000 Credits15,000 Credits15,000 Credits15,000 Credits
Check out your Tenno Lab in your Clan Dojo for all the blueprints.

Neza Farm (Best Places To Farm)

There are 2 sets of materials needed for the build itself one is for the Clan Research and on for the Warframe itself.

With the Clan Research, you don’t have to do it alone any member of your clan can donate and add to the materials needed for the research of Nezha’s blueprints.

Craftable Requirements

Detonite InjectorMutagen MassFieldron
10x Detonite Ampule10x Mutagen Samples10x Fieldron Samples
1x Control Module1x Control Module1x Control Module
500x Salvage500x Salvage500x Salvage
250x Plastids250x Plastids250x Plastids
15,000 Credits15,000 Credits15,000 Credits
  • Detonite Ampule – Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Earth, Sedna, Ceres
  • Mutagen Mass – Deimos, Eris
  • Fieldron Sample – Venus, Mars, Europa, Neptune, Pluto

There are a couple of ways of obtaining the completed Detonite Injector, Mutagen Mass and Fieldron is by either getting them as rewards for invasion missions or getting as rewards on some of the bounties in Orb Vallis

This is fairly easy if you have the right team to farm these materials a combination of Nekros and Khora can get you these resources quickly.

Farming Argon crystals is fairly easy either within the void tile-set or by opening vaults in Deimos with the only unfortunate part is that they have a shelf life wherein they decay every 24 hours.

Farming Resources

Here is the list of required resources to get Nezha.


  • Ferrite – Mercury, Earth, Neptune, Orokin Void
  • Rubedo – Earth, Pluto, Sedna, Europa, Phobos, Orokin Void
  • Salvage – Mars, Jupiter, Sedna
  • Nano Spores – Deimos, Saturn, Neptune, Eris
  • Alloy Plate – Venus, Jupiter, Ceres, Sedna, Pluto, Phobos


  • Polymer Bundle – Mercury, Venus, Uranus
  • Plastids – Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Eris, Phobos
  • Circuits – Venus, Ceres


  • Control Module – Neptune, Europa, Orokin Void
  • Morphics – Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Europa, Phobos
  • Neurodes – Earth, Deimos, Eris, Lua
  • Neural Sensors – Kuva Fortress, Jupiter
  • Orokin Cell – Saturn, Ceres, Derelict


Nezha is One of the Four Warframes that are available in the clan Dojo to be researched and obtained.

Nezha is quite the versatile Warframe that is available in the game he can be a tank with great crowd control or a nimble and fast assault Warframe that can perform equally to even buffed prime Warframes.

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