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Hey Kiddo. It’s time for another reading from the reservoir, so pull up a cryopod because school is in session.

Today’s lesson is about Oberon, the defender of the forest and a really well balanced offensive support frame. He is a very user-friendly frame that will let you jump right in to the action and is well accepted in any squad.  

His abilities focus on doing damage to enemies and increasing health for your allies. Ability damage is based around radiation, which makes him a good choice for Eidolon hunting later in the game.

Oberon Blueprints

His first ability, Smite, and his fourth ability, Reckoning, are his offensive based abilities doing mainly impact and radiation damage.

Hallowed Ground and Renewal are his support-based abilities clearing status effects and restoring health.

The syndicate mods available for Oberon are some of the more useful ones you will find and can be purchased from New Loka or Steel Meridian once you have maximized your standing with them.

To build Oberon in your foundry you need four total blueprints, three component blueprints:

  • Neurooptics
  • Chassis
  • Systems

and the main/final or overall blueprint.

You have to build the neuroptics, the systems, and the chassis before you can build use the final blueprint to create the Oberon warframe.

The order that you acquire and build the component parts doesn’t matter, but the three components must be completed before you can use the main/final blueprint to call forth the fury of the grove loving guardian!

Eximus units with a red glow.

Where to Get Oberon Parts (Neuroptics, Chasiss & Systems)

Now just where do find Oberon Neuroptics, Chasiss and Systems? Glad you asked.

All his component blueprints drop from Eximus enemies.

Eximus enemies are turbo charged variants of regular units and are found in Corpus, Grineer, Infested, and Corrupted flavors.

They look like regular units, but have a red glow around them, which can be very hard to see depending on mission tileset.

Eximus can spawn as a variant of almost any normal unit and Eximus units spawn more frequently the higher the mission level.

All Eximus units have a 1% chance to drop Oberon’s component parts.

The Warframe Wiki lists the flowing drop stats: Oberon Neuroptics at 38.72%, Oberon Chasiss at 38.72%, and Oberon Systems at 22.56% for every 605 Exmius you send to the afterlife.

The Grineer have a total of 90 different Eximus units, 37 types are found in the Corpus, and the Infested and corrupted trail with 32 and 9 Eximus variants respectively.

You can find Eximus units in the course of normal gameplay, the higher his mission level, the higher the chance that Eximus units will greedily seek to snuff your void powered candle of life.

Oberon parts drop fairly regularly from all Eximus, but here are some places that have a higher than normal appearance of Eximus units.

The Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught is a digital coliseum brought to you by Warframe’s version of the collector, Cephalon Simaris

Sorties are a three-mission challenge for players that are close to finishing the star chart and have completed the War Within, look for the Eximus Stronghold condition.

Arbitrations alerts are only available to those who have completed every node on the star chart once and they are chocked full of Tenno smashing Eximus units.

Finally you can do “endless” missions, such as survival or defense missions.

First, or last depending on your taste, you must buy the main/final blueprint from the market.

Don’t forget to craft Oberon’s parts once you’ve got them!

Creating Oberon Warframe

Once you have any or all of your blueprints its time to roll up your sleeves and let Ordis do all the work in the foundry.

Don’t forget you will have build the neuroptics, systems, and chassis before getting your very own stag horned wonder.  Here are the ingredients for each part.

OberonOberon NeuropticsOberon SystemsOberon Chassis
Oberon Neuroptics x 1Alloy Plate x 150Orokin Cell x 1Gallium x 1
Oberon System x 1Control Module x 1Gallium x 1Polymer Bundle x 1000
Oberon Chassis x 1Polymer Bundle x 150Polymer Bundle x 500Rubedo x 300
Orokin Cell x 1Circuits x 500Alloy Plate 220 

The three component parts will take twelve hours each to build. Once you have all three parts Oberon himself will take 72 hours.

You can rush each part if your deep pockets are as impatient as you are to give life to dying allies while holding the high ground.

The neuroptics, systems, and chassis will cost you 25 platinum each, add another 50 for the main blueprint and you can have him almost instantly for the low price of 125 platinum total.

Or you could buy a three-day credit, resource, and affinity booster for 120 platinum if you really feel that coin of the realm burning a hole in your alloy pockets.


Oberon is a fairly standard warframe in most arsenals and one you will hopefully have a lot of fun playing. He is one of the easier warframes to acquire and most of you will be acquire him through the normal course of gameplay.

For more information on getting the most out of him check our guide on using Oberon and recommendations on how to build him up.

Now please clean up your Kubrows, pack up your side arms and happy hunting Tenno.

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