How to get Octavia & Octavia Parts

Octavia is one of the more interesting Warframes in the game. Her musical theme not only makes her unique, but she also does have the Mandachord, which makes it possible to import musical tunes into the game.

It’s not surprising at all that she is one the favorite Warframes in the game and used by newer players and veterans alike. If you are looking for builds, we recommend our Octavia Build Guide, where we also talk about the Mandachord and more!

If you want to get your hands on the Warframe, but you don’t really now what to do and where to start – don’t worry. You found the right guide with all the information you need.

Finding all the blueprints needed is somewhat troublesome and probably one of the most complicated things in the game. But we are here to help!

Start with Octavia’s Anthem

The best way to start farming for Octavia is by starting her own quest line, called ‘Octavia’s Anthem’.

The quest line is super fun to play and very creative, so don’t miss out on that! It is a solo quest, so you can’t bring friends or a team, but to be honest, you don’t need to. Just relax and play through the great story.

To start the Octavia’s Anthem you need to join any relay and go to Cephalon Suda.

It doesn’t matter if you have chosen it as one of your syndicate or if you have a bad reputation, you can always get the quest here.

Just play through the quest and once you’re finished, you will be rewarded the main blueprint for Octavia.

Tip: If you really want to know more about the lore, you can read the official tie-in comic on the official website. It’s worth a read!

Playing through Octavia’s Anthem is really fun!

How To Get Octavia Parts in Warframe?

Let’s take a look at where and how to get Octavia parts:

Farming the Chassis Blueprint

To get the Octavia Chassis blueprint you need to head to Lua and run missions until you encounter the Music Puzzle there.

Solve it and you will be rewarded with the blueprint. If you want to know more about the puzzle and how to solve it, you might want to take a look at your Lua Music Puzzle Guide.

If you are actively searching for this puzzle, running the Crossfire or Capture mission will be the smartest thing to do.

You can solve the mission objective while searching for the room. There is no guarantee that the music puzzle will spawn, so you might have to run Lua missions until you get lucky.

Once you’ve solved the music puzzle, just finish your current Lua mission and head to the extraction point.

Farming the Neuroptics Blueprint

The Octavia Neuroptics blueprint is a reward obtainable every C Rotation (every 20 minutes) on the Orokin Derelict Survival mission.

The drop chance as a reward is 22.56%, so you can either get lucky on your first try or you have to keep on surviving until you get the Neuroptics blueprint.

To start the mission, you need to craft the Orokin Derelict Survival Key first. You can buy the blueprint in the market and craft it in your foundry.

It will only take 60 seconds to craft it, but you do need some common resources as well as Nav Coordinates.

Those drop from storage containers in every mission and if you need some more, don’t rush through missions, but take your time to open up some containers!

Tip: The easiest way to do this mission is to find yourself a good group and stay as long as you need. A ‘perfect’ group might look something like:

  • A DPS Warframe: Saryn or Mesa are great choices. If you plan on camping in a room, a player with Octavia is also a good pick.
  • Trinity: You do need energy replenishment in your team. You also need some form of heal against all the toxic damage you’re going to encounter. And overshields are also always nice to have, so Trinity with Vampire Leech is the best choice for this slot.
  • Speed Nova: Camping together in one room has the disadvantage that all enemies need to run towards you, which usually means you can’t kill enough mobs to obtain enough Life Support. A Speed Nova helps a lot!
  • Nekros: Bringing in a Nekros also helps with the problem mentioned above, because his ‘Desecrate’ ability will increase Life Support drops. He also increases all other drops and there are some great resources on the Orokin Derelict missions you’re going to need.

You can also choose to bring a Sonar Banshee or Buffer Rhino if you plan to stay longer and if you need some form of damage buff.

Now all you have to do is stay in the mission until you finally get the Octavia Neuroptics drop.

Farming the Systems Blueprint

This is probably the easiest Octavia blueprint to farm, because all you have to do is run the Crossfire mission on Lua, find one cache (the blueprint drops from the A Rotation, so you only need to find the first cache) and extract once you’re done with killing enough enemies.

You can even combine it with searching for the Lua Music Puzzle, which is needed for the Octavia Chassis blueprint.

Ember is one of the best Warframes to pick here, because you can just rush through the mission, kill everything while searching for the first Orokin Cache and then finish the mission quickly.

Another great choice would be a Volt, using a Speed Build. You can speed yourself (and your team) up, rush through the mission while killing everything and save a lot of time while doing so.

You only need to find one Orokin Cache.

Crafting Octavia

A few words about crafting the Warframe once you’ve found all of her blueprints: You do need the Mandachord you crafted when you were playing the Octavia quest line and also some rare resources.

But if you’re at the point in the game where you are able to get yourself into the Orokin Derelict missions and farm the blueprints you should also be able to find all the resources needed.

If you’re in need of any of the resources, you might want to use the recruitment chat to get a farming group together. If you need any help or pointers on that, feel free to take a look at our Resource Farming Guide.

But to be honest, there shouldn’t be a problem at all in crafting Octavia and her parts.


Octavia is somewhat special, because to get all the blueprints needed to craft her you are ‘forced’ to run different missions plus her own quest line.

But if you know where to look and what to do you shouldn’t have any trouble getting yourself the blueprints and crafting Octavia.

Yes, some RNG is involved, but grinding through a mission multiple times is part of Warframe’s appeal after all. So do that and have fun playing Octavia!

7 thoughts on “How to get Octavia & Octavia Parts”

  1. systems being the easiest to farm seems pretty… not true to be honest with you. i mean the chassis are fairly easy to get. the neuroptics were pretty easy to get. but after playing 3 hours on that mission and opening 1 cache on each mission, i didnt even get the blueprint once ;-;

    • I got the Octavia systems on my first run. I didn’t actually see this guide prior and was looking for caches just for the fun of it lol. I found 2/3 caches that mission and one of them had the systems in it.

  2. Now that the Orokin Derelict is Deimos next to Mars, the information about the neuroptics bp needs to be updated. You no longer need a key, just clear to the survival mission. I believe its name is Terrorax in the lower right corner.

    • Music puzzles spawn pretty often. The problem might be that you rush through missions and don’t actually look. They won’t just be in your face, you have to know what the room looks like and actively be searching


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